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bouthaina_shaabanPresidential Political and Media Advisor, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, stressed that the presidential elections in Syria are a continuation of the confrontation which was imposed on the Syrian people.

In an interview to al-Mayadin TV, Shaaban clarified that the scene of Syrian citizens in Lebanon as they were casting their vote at the Syrian Embassy was not surprising but it shocked those who are targeting Syria.

The presidential advisor pointed out that reconciliations are a pan-Syrian solution and a genuine political one and their strategy is very successful and have clear impact, adding, “The solution, for us, is going forward for more reconciliations.”

She noted that reconciliations will be made in Damascus countryside, Daraa, Homs countryside, Deir Ezzor, and Aleppo countryside. Shaaban revealed that there are some opposition sides that wish to return to Syria and dialogue with them is in progress and there are no preparations for Geneva 3 conference as the political track is suspended because Geneva did not result in anything.

Shaaban highlighted that the Syrian government accepted Geneva before anyone else, but the problem was in “the fragmentation of so-called ‘opposition.”

The presidential advisor clarified that contacts are underway with some Arab, Gulf and western states that wish to open channels with Damascus, stressing that the resistance and the higher Arab interests are the basis for Syria.

Shaaban revealed that there are sides in the opposition who have desire to return to Syria as dialogue is being held with them, adding there are no preparations for Geneva 3 and the political track is suspended because Geneva conference has given nothing.

She made it clear that communications are continuous with a number of Arab, Gulf and western states which have desire to open channels with Damascus, saying that the criterion for Syria is resistance and Arab high interest.

As for the US statements on supporting terrorists in Syria, shaaban added such statements which talk about the US distinguished support to the armed terrorist groups in Syria to reverse the balance come each time which the morals of gunmen collapse to raise theirs.

On Syria’s relations with Russia, Shaaban affirmed that Russia has taken important stances in support of the Syrian people, adding that Syria is very committed to develop historic and distinguished ties with Russia on all levels.


the real SyrianFreePress.net Network from Agencies – 2/6/2014