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The Syrian Presidential Elections will be held in hours.

Three candidates are eligible…

Incumbent Dr Bashar al-Assad


Hassan Abdallah al-Nouri

Hassan Abdullah al-Nouri

 Maher Abdel-Hafiz Hajjar

Hajjar: US-Israeli intervention threw our pro-democracy move to chasm

The Syrian National Coalitions illegitimate bastard child of Saudi, Jarba, is warning Syrians to stay home because the forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad will be bombing voters most likely voting for Bashar al-Assad in Al-Arabiya media. Makes perfect sense, doesnt it? IDIOT!

One thing this proxy war on Syria has done, is bring Syrians closer than ever. Despite the desperate cries from a man Syrians would never follow even if HE was elected president, the Syrians are making their voices heard, and their votes count.

Syrian state television said voting was taking place in 43 embassies. It broadcast footage from Kuala Lumpur, Tehran and Amman. As much as 95% of Syria’s expatriates (tens to hundreds of thousands), have voted where countries have allowed them to. (The west has not allowed it). Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad told the channel that he “was surprised by the undemocratic decisions taken by countries which say they are democraticlike the French, Belgian and Bulgarian governmentsbut which are not in line with international law”. He said the countries had banned Syrians from going to embassies, which he said is in violation of the Vienna Protocol on Diplomatic Relations.

Despite all the disinformation being said about the elections and who agrees with them vs who doesnt, the voting will go on. The terrorists in Syria, including the FSA supported by John McCain and John Kerry dont want democracy in Syria. They prefer Syria to be destroyed completely like Libya after Iraq, where terror can reign for at least another decade to come swapping weapons for human lives. Syrians, on the other hand, prefer to keep their right to vote. The “moderate” terrorists are warning to bomb voters heading to the polls in just a few hours, but the brave people of Syria will head to the polls anyway.

Pray for Syria’s people as they head to the polls despite all the threats they are living under and have lived under for 3 years now.


Christian Song & Prayer for the Syrian Arab Army

My video 🙂


NevaehWest – 3 June 2014