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In a relevant context, President al-Assad met a delegation of the Syrian citizens in the US who came to Syria to cast votes in the presidential elections.

Syrian-American Community in USA Celebrates President al-Assad Election

During the meeting, President al-Assad said that determination of a number of Syrian expatriates to come Homeland and take part in the electoral process affirms their deep belonging and loyalty to their Homeland and assertion to help keep its decision-independence and sovereignty.

Members of the delegation expressed happiness over participating in the electoral process, underlining that they have decided to come to Syria to elect their president, stemming from their confidence that the Syrian people are the only ones who decide their destiny and build their future, not any other side.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the Syrian community affairs in the US with President al-Assad referring to the necessity of activating the role of Syrian citizens abroad and make use of their expertise to rebuild what has been destroyed by terrorism, in addition to their basic role represented by strengthening ties connecting their sons and the coming generations with Homeland.

Members of the delegation were pride of their belonging to this great country, affirming they will devote all their capabilities to defend issues of Homeland abroad and help rebuild the country.