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Wael al-Halqi-after-elections

Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said Syria’s presidential elections drove home a message saying that legitimacy can only be granted by the Syrian people themselves and all the fuss and “voices of dissonance” of the West are worthless.

Speaking to the reporters Thursday, the Premier classified the elections, in which President Bashar al-Assad secured a third term in office, as “a key stop” in Syria’s modern history where the Syrians played out democracy at its best.

He said the Syrian people embodied legitimacy through their massive turnout to the ballot boxes giving voice to their “real will”.

All the Western hostile statements which preceded and followed the “spectacular” results are a sort of “political stubbornness” that is rendered futile before the “real union” binding Syria’s people and leader, al-Halqi added.

While congratulating President al-Assad over his landslide win and wishing him more progress and success, al-Halqi also offered thanks to the two failed candidates-Hassan al-Nouri and Maher Hajjar-for everything they did in terms of “strengthening democratic practices and helping political pluralism play out.”

The Prime Minister stressed that with the elections now successfully accomplished, the battle against terrorism will continue, “and so will the promising victories of the great Syrian Arab army so as to come to eliminating terrorism wherever on the Syrian soil and at all costs and with whatever sacrifices.”

In parallel with the war against terrorism, al-Halqi added, the government pledges to spare no effort to proceed with the nationwide local reconciliation operations that have been brought to fruition in various areas all over the country.

Another top priority that stands central in the coming stage, the Premier said, will be to complete government projects of rehabilitating infrastructure and securing housing units for all people affected by the crisis in the country, including the internally and externally displaced.

PM: Industrialists have paramount role in national decision-making

On a different note, Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi said the Syrian people, thanks to their belief in national principles and the value of sacrifice, have managed to weather the crisis and accomplish landmark elections “with utmost transparency and fairness.”

Premier al-Halqi was speaking during his meeting with members of Homs Chamber of Industry, headed by Mohammad Labib Ekhwan.

“The historic day [of elections] will mark a start line towards a new stage to build Syria’s future that can be done through eliminating terrorism and kicking a reconstruction process into gear,” al-Halqi pointed out.

Al-Halqi hailed the stances of Syrian industrialists “who refused to budge on national principles,” and preserved their institutions and factories which, he said, has helped keep production running.

The industrialists have a paramount future role in national decision-making and drawing strategies, not to mention their role in achieving partnership between the public and private sectors.

In their steadfastness, al-Halqi said, the Syrian industrialists have drawn strength from the steadfastness of the Syrian state, in all its institutions, against an economic warfare and systematic destruction of vital sectors.

Minister of Justice Najm al-Ahmad

Justice Minister: Presidential elections held according to high criteria of transparency

Damascus, (SANA) Minister of Justice Najm al-Ahmad stressed that the presidential elections, held in the presence of Arab and foreign parliamentarians and media delegations, were unprecedentedly successful.

“The success of elections directed a blow to the countries conspiring on Syria and revealed a message that they should respect the will of the Syrian people and their right to choose their president without dictations” the Minister said in an interview with Syrian TV Wednesday.

“What characterizes the process is that it was carried out with high transparency under the supervision of judiciary and media, which was not restricted to the national media but also comprised a big number of foreign outlets” he added.

Al-Ahmad expressed hope that elections would lay the foundations of a new stage of stability so that Syria becomes better than any time before, calling upon Syrians to boost the democratic process.

The Minister congratulated the Syrian people for their great democratic choice that set a new victory to be added to the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army.

He also congratulated Dr. Bashar al-Assad, who gained the confidence and trust of Syrian people for his wise leadership, and the other candidates Hassan al-Nouri and Maher al-Hajjar.


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SyrianFreePress.net Patriotic Network on 5 June 2014