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Rumors in the Glass Palace (UN) speak of “hysteria at the peak” among the delegates of Saudi and Qatar who along with the U.S., France and Turkey, would like to pass a resolution at the General Assembly to ban Syrian representative from UN and UNSC meetings, bypassing the veto of Russia and China.

The British have immediately pointed out that it is impossible to suspend the membership of a country from UN, therefore they will point to an agenda to “ban” the Permanent Representative of Syria, Dr. Bashar al Jaafari (also known as “the lion of diplomacy”) to participate at all the U.N. meetings related to Syria and making sure that this prohibition should also be extended to the U.N. Security Council.


Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari

The sheikhs will put, as usual, the money to grease the wheels … while the U.S. and France will impose their political influence to vote on the order.

Notoriously, and for admission made by many observers, the diplomatic victories of Dr. Jaafari are of equal weight to those of the Syrian army.

The ambassador, with various ministerial mandates and with different doctorates obtained in different universities, practically lives in New York as a prisoner, confined by the USA authority  within 25 km.

They want him gagged at all costs.


Source: TG 24 Siria (Italian)

the real SyrianFreePress Network on 10/6/2014 (English)