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An Aspect of the New Zion-American Strategy for Syria: military vehicles and heavy weapons, kindly  left by American troops in Iraq, have been captured by the ISIL’s mercenary jihadists who have occupied the area of Mosul, in Iraq, and already been packed up to fight against the free Syrian people & army…not the Zionist entity.


ISIL dominates Mosul Airport and attacks Nineveh headquarters

Foreign mercenary jihadists, belong to the so called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’, (ISIL or ISIS) took control over the airport of Mosul, Iraq.

In the fourth day after launching attacks on the second largest city of Iraq, ISIL terrorists attacked the province headquarters of Nineveh city taking control over the building of the municibal and the building of Nineveh operating leadership in al-Tayaran neighborhood.

The governor of Nineveh managed to escape after hundreds of foreign mercenaries attacked the city with missiles, vehicles loaded with machine guns and snipers.


ISIL’s terrorists pushes into Iraqi oil refinery town with no resistance by Iraqi forces

Foreign mercenary jihadists of ISIL, who seized Iraq’s second biggest city of Mosul this week, has advanced into the oil refinery town of Baiji, setting the court house and police station on fire, Reuters cited security sources on Wednesday.

The refinery is protected by around 250 guards, and security sources said the mercenary gangs have sent a delegation of local tribal sheikhs to convince them to withdraw.

The sources said the guards agreed to pull out on condition they were transferred safely to another town.

It is noteworthy to mention that ISIL took control over Mosul city of Nineveh province on Tuesday with no resistance by Iraqi forces.


Chechen terrorists have got a new job, well paid in dollars: after seizing Mosul, ISIL captures hundreds of US vehicles and moves them to Syria

Journalists posted on their twitter accounts photos show fighters of ISIL seizing hundreds of ISF armored personnel carrier, artillery and US Humvees after ISIL’s terroristic gangs seized Iraq’s second biggest city of Mosul.

The correspondent of Washington post, Liz Sly, stressed that the first US humvees arrive in Syria, in the hands of ISIS, captured in Mosul today.

Another journalist said “More US made Humvees captured by ISIS in Mosul. They’re working fine. Already transferred to ISIS territory in Syria”.

Other photos (below) show a Chechen emir called by Omar al-Shishani inspecting the first US humvees to arrive in Syria seized by ISIS in Mosul, Iraq.




SFP from Agencies

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