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Graphic and cruel pictures were proudly displayed on the Twitter account belonging to the so called “Wilayat Salahaddin”, one of the 16 administrative units (wilayats, provinces-districts) in which the sick minds of the ISIL (ISIS) terrorists have divided Syria and Iraq, or it would be better to say “as the foreign military intelligence services, that maneuver these demented, would like to divide”.


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These are the 16 ISIL-ISIS wilayats:

In Iraq:

  1. Southern Division
  2. Diyala Division
  3. Baghdad Division
  4. Kirkuk Division
  5. Salahuddin Division
  6. Anbar Division
  7. Ninewa Division

In Syria:

  1. Al Barakah Division (Hasaka)
  2. Al Kheir Division (Deir al Zour)
  3. Al Raqqah Division
  4. Al Badiya Division
  5. Halab [Aleppo] Division
  6. Idlib Division
  7. Hama Division
  8. Damascus Division
  9. Coast [Al Sahel] Division


People of America, be careful !!!

All weapons, ammunition, vehicles and equipment that are visible in these photos and that are in the hands of these murderous terrorists have been paid by your politicians with your taxes, with your money, with your dollars.

All civilians and all the patriots of nations who are defending their homeland under attack, are bombarded and killed by direct or indirect involvement of your political and military hierarchies.

People of America, if you do not want to be identified and hated by the people of the world along with your politicians in Washington, get rid of this parasites criminals who tyrannize over you, and that oppresses other nations, and please, at least, do not vote for them anymore.


The following photos are showing the executions of Iraqi soldiers and civilians, among other pictures where the ISIL (or ISIS) jihadist mercenaries are driving american pickup trucks with heavy machine guns on top, US armored Humvees, Ford and Chevy pickup trucks, various military transport vehicles.

In other pictures, the ISIL terrorists are filmed while they captured, transported, and executed hundreds of civilians and Iraqi soldiers, or while are posing over the bloody and mutilated corpses of the killed people.

Some ISIL gangsters are holding M-16 assault rifles, a US made weapon used by the Iraqi Army and Security Forces

The prisoners, military and civilian, are threatened, terrorized and forced to lie down face downwards. At the end, the ISIL bandits opened fire on the prisoners, unarmed and defenseless, lying on the ground.

By their own admission, it seems that in these few days the ISIL thugs have executed thousands of Iraqi civilians, military and service workers, while dozens of barracks were attacked, the American weapons and military vehicles looted, the banks have been been robbed.

This is the unripe fruit of the Zionist-American destabilization plan who for years is ravaging the Middle East, but we also know that their project is not yet completed, and that even worse scenarios of war, death and desperation are waiting to be seen.

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ISIL-June-2014-9 ISIL-June-2014-11 ISIL-June-2014-13 ISIL-June-2014-14 ISIL-June-2014-15 ISIL-June-2014-16

ISIL-June-2014-17 ISIL-June-2014-18 ISIL-June-2014-19 ISIL-June-2014-20

ISIL-June-2014-21 ISIL-June-2014-23 ISIL-June-2014-26

ISIL-June-2014-27 ISIL-June-2014-28 ISIL-June-2014-29 ISIL-June-2014-30 ISIL-June-2014-31 ISIL-June-2014-32 ISIL-June-2014-33 ISIL-June-2014-34 ISIL-June-2014-35 ISIL-June-2014-36 ISIL-June-2014-37 ISIL-June-2014-38 ISIL-June-2014-39 ISIL-June-2014-40 ISIL-June-2014-41 ISIL-June-2014-42 ISIL-June-2014-43 ISIL-June-2014-44


SFP – 15/06/2014