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“Syria about to triumph and gain further international support”

U.S. Senator Richard Black stressed that:

“Syria is heading to triumph and gain further international support regarding what is going on in it as it will succeed in putting an end to the US interference in its internal affairs”.

In an interview via Skype with the Syrian al-Ekhbariya Satellite Channel broadcast Sunday, Black said:

“We try to convince the US to recant its clumsy policy towards Syria,”

asserting that there is a flagrant contradiction inside the US foreign policy institution.

“Historically, Syria is a civilized nation that calls for peace and enjoys an ancient civilization as its people possess huge cultural heritage,”

the US Senator said.

He hailed the firm unity of the social fabric in Syria, the wisdom of the Syrian leadership and the bravery of the Syrian Arab Army in addition to the Syrian diplomacy which has achieved a wonderful work.

“President Bashar al-Assad proved that he is a very strong leader in facing the events in Syria as he can put an end to this attack on it”,

the Senator said.

He slammed those who support sending weapons to the terrorists in Syria, pointing out that supplying lethal weapons to the terrorists will result in big repercussions since these weapons will be used against their peoples later.

The US Senator apologized to the Syrian people regarding what have been said about not respecting the Presidential elections in Syria whether in the US, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia or any other state.

He hoped that Syria will restore peace, asserting that it is an honor to visit Syria in the near future.