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The Army resumed Monday its national duty in hunting armed terrorist groups, having sweeping operations against terrorists in different areas.

A military source said that the army and the armed forces units targeted terrorists’ dens in Ovania village, al-Quneitra countryside, killing 04 terrorist, mostly of Qatari, Jordanian and Saudi nationalities.

In Daraa, the army units foiled a terrorist group’s infiltration attempt into Daraa city, via al-Yadodeh and Atman. Another infiltration attempt by a terrorist group into a house in Qita village in Inkhel was also thwarted where members of the group were
killed and wounded.

Army units foiled an armed terrorist group’s attempt of infiltration towards Attman town, killing many terrorists and injuring others.

Army units targeted terrorists’ dens in Bani Zaid, al-Shaar, Bustan al-Qaser in Aleppo, killing many of the terrorists.
A military source said that army units killed many terrorists and injured others in Bayanoun, Qadi Askar, Maysara, al-Oeija, Qensirin, al-Zebdiyeh, Maaret Artiq and al-Wdeihi in Aleppo city and Kafar Hamra, Kafar Saghir, al-Mansoura, Qaser al-Malazi, Tal Refaat, Mare’, Atareb, Daret Ezza and al-Jbeileh in Aleppo countryside.



Syrian Arab Army & National defence Forces restored security and stability to Rankous plain yesterday.


Syrian military reporters quoted a field leader as saying that the Army’s operations concentrated in hills and barrens, northwest Rankous plain that is located near the Lebanese borders, where the Army managed to eliminate most of the armed groups that work under the umbrella of al-Nusra Front and also to destroy their arms and ammunition, pointing out that these barrens were used by armed groups to infiltrate the farms of Rankous transport arms and supplies.

The field leader said that the military operations continue in the barrens of Sebne and Ain Derra towns in the edges of Rankous plain targeting headquarters of armed men.

On the other side, units of Syrian Army struck gatherings of armed men in Ofania village of al-Qunaitera countryside killing 40 armed men, most of them carry Qatari, Jordanian and Saudi nationalities.


Syrian News Agencies Military Reports – 22-23 June 2014

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