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Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : The Director of Israel’s Military Intelligence, Brigadier General Aviv Kochavi, has been appointed to head the Israeli Defense Forces Northern Command. Kochavi was a close confident of the late Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Like Sharon, Kochavi is both respected for ingenuity and widely accused as a war criminal. His appointment suggests plans to permanently annex the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan and Parts of southern Lebanon, and increased cooperation with Al-Qaeda fighters based in the Golan.

Herzi Hallevi, who has been promoted from Brigadier to full General, will succeed Kochavi as Director of Military Intelligence, report Israeli media. Herzi Alevi is accused of war crimes during the 2008-9 operation “Cast Lead” against the Gaza Strip and, among others, use of phosphor bombs.

Aviv Kochavi is famous and infamous among hard-line Israelis while he is internationally accused of war crimes. In 2002, Kochavi headed a Paratrooper Brigade during Operation Defensive Shield, which was the operational name for Israel’s crackdown against the second intifada, or uprising of Palestinian youth.

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Christof Lehmann – NSNBC on April 27, 2014


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