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3 suspicious people arrested while attempting to trespass the Syrian-Turkish border

Three suspicious people were arrested while attempting to trespass the Syrian – Turkish border in Kilis.

According to the news article on Milliyet, the suspects were caught in İnanlı Village on the 1 June 2014 by the village’s police force as they tried to enter Syria.

The suspects were then taken to the local police station and their identities were revealed as being retired American military officer named Douglas Gillem (49), an American academician Mark Polyak and a French researcher Fabrice Jean Michel Robert Blanche.

In their declaration, the suspects stated that they would continue travelling to Syria, but had lost their way. However, the cameras, satellite phones and navigation devices found with them fueled suspicion.

After further investigation on the suspects, they were understood to had entered Turkey on the 30 May, then arrived at Kilis on the 31 May. Forensic inquiry also showed the suspects recorded the activities on 1st degree border line.

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Polyak_2Mark Polyak is an internationally recognized innovator and futurist in the fields of human geography and early warning. Currently, he is developing and implementing disruptive methods and technologies for socio-cultural analysis, expeditionary intelligence and human geography for the Department of Defense. Mark was one of the founders and architects of project Argus, a nationally acclaimed global biosurveillance effort and Chief Analyst at the Division of Integrated Biodefense at the Imaging Science and Information Systems Center at Georgetown University. His areas of expertise include early warning methodologies, biodefense as well as impacts of emerging technologies and societal instability in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. Mark holds a B.A. in History with departmental honors from State University of New York at Stony Brook and an M.A. in Russian Eurasian Eastern European Studies from Georgetown University.
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