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Israeli army continues attacks on Hebron area

Israel continues its military campaign against residents of the Hebron district. With what is considered the largest deployment of soldiers since the second Intifada, the Israeli army conducts searches in the middle of the night, injure and arrest Palestinians in addition to damaging property.

Israel continues its military campaign against residents of the Hebron district, the largest and most populated area in the occupied West Bank. Over 100 soldiers entered the al Aroub refugee camp on Wednesday night after electricity to the area was deliberately cut off. The soldiers conducted house by house searches in several dozen homes, according to al Aroub residents, and Palestinian press reports that Fatima Ismael Rushdi had a heart attack when the soldiers were in her home. The elderly woman subsequently died in the hospital, to where she had been taken for treatment.

Given the circumstances of her death, Rushdi is considered to be a martyr by the national political parties and organizations of al Aroub camp.

The soldiers shot copious amounts of tear gas directly into homes of al Aroub residents, and the Palestinian Red Crescent evacuated some 20 families from their homes for medical treatment in the nearby town of al Samoua.

Ismael Ahmed Hawamde, age 44, was injured by a live bullet in his leg. Israeli soldiers evacuated Hawamde to the Israeli Soroka Hospital in the town of Be’er Sheva.

In the town of Dura, located to the west of Hebron, soldiers arrested two children: Soufyan Abu Argoub, 13 years old, and Taha Ja’far Taha, 14 years old. The children were taken to an unknown location.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society notes that over 500 Palestinians have been arrested since the beginning of the Israeli offensive some two weeks ago.

Hebron residents under the age of 50 are still prohibited from leaving the West Bank for Jordan, the latter being the sole country via which Palestinians can travel abroad. Palestinian sources note that Israel told the Palestinian Authority this travel ban would be rescinded depending on the “security situation”.

During the previous night at approximately 1.30 a.m., Israeli soldiers entered the South Hebron Hills area village of At-Tuwani in order to raid the home of Muhammad Issa Rabai. Nine people live in the Rabai home, including three children.

Soldiers searched the Rabai home until 2:00 am, preventing both family members and international observers from monitoring their actions; no explanation was given as to why observation was not permitted. Operation Dove volunteers present on the scene note that the home was in great disarray following departure of the soldiers.

In the northern West Bank city of Nablus, numerous soldiers entered and searched homes last night. Soldiers also invaded the nearby Balata refugee camp.

In the nearby village of Awarta, over 200 soldiers swarmed over the area, arresting five Palestinians. The Palestinian press reports that the soldiers inflicted extensive damage on doors and furniture during their searches in Awarta.


Elderly Woman Dies After Israeli Occupation Forces Invaded Her Home In Hebron

[Hebron, June 26-2014] Palestinian medical sources have reported that an elderly woman died of a heart attack, after dozens of soldiers invaded her home and ransacked it, in the al-’Arroub refugee camp. Several injuries and arrests have been reported during ongoing invasions in Hebron.

The sources said Fatima Ismael Roshdi, 70 years of age, suffered a heart attack after dozens of soldiers stormed her home, in the al-‘Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, and ransacked it, causing excessive property damage. She was moved to a local hospital in a critical condition, and died later on.

Soldiers also shot and wounded resident Ismael Ahmad al-Hawamda, 44, cuffed and kidnapped him, before moving him to the Soroka Israeli hospital in Beersheba.

Two brothers, identified as Rami and Amir Faidy al-Qasrawi, have also been kidnapped in Hebron city, after the soldiers stormed several homes.

In addition, dozens of soldiers invaded the al-Arroub refugee camp, and initiated extensive searches of homes and property, after cutting the camp’s power supply.

Clashes took place following the invasion, while resident Dia Ibrahim al-Badawi, 22, was shot by a rubber-coated metal bullet in the head.

The army also kidnapped two brothers identified as Sa’id, 22, and Ismael Thieb Hajajra, 25.