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July 4, 2014 ~ Sensational details about the attacks and Special Operations by the Syrian Armed Forces against ISIL mercenary gangs on the area of ​​Raqqa last night.

The operation has taken place from 1 am to 5 am.

With fake attacks, Syrian army jets flew over Raqqa at low altitude, in waves, repeatedly breaking the sound barrier, and creating a real panic situation, forcing the terrorists in underground shelters with their staff.

At 2 am the first attack occurs at ISIS headquarters, 25 km east of Raqqa, destroying anti-aircraft batteries and heavy machine guns locations.

The real surprise takes place via three transport helicopters that landed, silently, entire Special Units under the command of several Syrian senior officers commanded by a General Staff in person (name confidential but very intuitable).

10455317_911551252205300_2679043442237159011_nSources by the military intelligence services knew that an important meeting of ISIL-ISIS commanders, at highest level, took place in ISIS headquarters.

The special units of the SAA approached the ISIL HQ silently, covered by the roar of the jet, circling the field and attacking with great surprise the terrorists.

Other units, in the meantime, take up position along the road leading to the camp of the terrorists, with the support of aviation and helicopters, incinerating any car and vehicle of the ISIL mercenaries.

The breakthrough is lightning-fast, with the following results:

* The entire terrorist group inside, more than 300 gunmen, are eliminated
* 4 regional commanders of ISIS, including Iraq, neutralized
* Commanders and figures at the highest level of ISIS-ISIL are taken prisoner: maximum restraint on their identity, but make sure that their catch will cause drastic changes in the entire region.
* Only one soldier of the special units wounded, mildly is assured.

The unity of the Syrian Arab Army, with its precious booty of mysterious prisoners, embarks on the transport helicopters and walks away.

The other ‘air unit support’ in the meantime continue to work with low-altitude attacks, breaking the sound barrier, for another hour.

Long live to the great Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Armed Forces.


the real Syrian Free Press NETwork

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