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The caliphate of criminal and clownish ISISISIL brutally kill a lady in the village of Ninawa (Iraq) guilty of being a taxi driver!

In the justification for the death sentence we can read: “the woman is guilty of practicing a job forbidden to women by the Sharia’s law“.

A perfect copy of the inhumane rules adopted even by their creators and pimps neighbors Saudis, who in the regime of Saud by law are prohibiting women from driving, for the same reasons.


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Saudi king’s daughters talk about 13 years of captivity

Two daughters of the Saudi king- Sahar -R- and Jawaher

Two of the four daughters of the Saudi king being held captive in a royal palace in Saudi Arabia have spoken about their 13-year ordeal for the first time.

Princesses Sahar and Jawaher, who are daughters of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, talked with British television broadcaster Channel 4 News in an exclusive on-camera interview, saying they have no communication with the world outside of the gates of the royal compound in Jeddah where they are held.

Their sisters Maha and Hala are also being held in separate villas.

Sahar and Jawaher said they are “cut off, isolated… and alone” and that their father “the king, is responsible.”

“Why are we, grown women, held against our will? I believe we are now hostages,” Sahar, 42, said.

Jawaher warned about the situation of other people in the country, saying, “If he does that to his own children, how do you think the rest of the country is?”

On Monday, their mother, Alanoud al-Fayez, a former wife of the Saudi king, protested outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in London, calling for the release of her daughters.

Referring to Sahar and Jawaher, she said, “They are only having one meal a day. They are not allowed to leave or travel.”

“You cannot trust the Saudis, they can do anything.  I want to see my daughters; I want to be with them,” she added.

This came after Fayez appealed to US President Barack Obama to help free her four daughters on Friday.

Fayez divorced from the Saudi king in 2003 and has been living in London since then.

“Since 13 years, my daughters Sahar, Maha, Hala and Jawaher are being held captive,” AFP quoted Fayez as saying.


Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia on March 28 for a brief visit, as relations between Washington and Riyadh have soured in recent months over regional developments.

“Mr. Obama should take this opportunity to address these grave violations committed against my daughters,” Fayez stated.

She also said that the royal family has been “physically and psychologically abusing” them “for years”.

PressTV – IA/AS/MAMMarch 31, 2014