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Where are coming from the butchers that cause bloodshed in Syria?

Saudi prisoners, and from various Islamic prisons, sentenced to death for murders, sexual assaults, drug-dealing, robberies, sent to steal and slaughter the Syrian people.


Saudi Arabia sent thousands prisoners sentenced to death to fight in Syria against the troops of the president of the Syrian republic Bashar Al-Assad.

According to the website of the American newspaper USA Today, only last year the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Saudi Arabia offered 1239 prisoners, sentenced to death penalty, pardon and monthly payment of money to their families in exchange for participation in combat operations in Syria.

The newspaper notes that among prisoners sent to struggle with the regime of Assad there were citizens of Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Somali, Sudan, Syria, Kuwait and Yemen.

All of them had been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for murders, sexual assaults, and spreading of drugs.



Massacre in town of Khattab, Hama: 14 people, including women and children slaughtered by the Obama’s moderate terrorists



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SOURCE: Sedmitza

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