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Sensational details about the attacks and Special Operations by the Syrian Armed Forces against ISIL mercenary gangs on the area of ​​Raqqa last night – SyrianFreePress.Net REPORT (July 4, 2014)


After an operation carried out in al-Raqqah, the ‘capital’ of ISIS, the Syrian army arrested US intelligence officers, Barzani’s peshmerga and ISIS commanders, sending them to Damascus, says Dr Mehmet Yuva.

By Mehmet Yuva – Aydinlikdaily – 10/07/2014

The allegations are very serious…

The source: A Lebanese expert on terrorism who closely follows the Syrian military zone.

The location: Al-Raqqah, northern Syria, where ISIS decides its raids, and also known as ‘Bin Laden’s military base’.

Al-Raqqah is also home to the meetings of intelligence organizations with the ISIS commanders. This well-protected headquarters is a command centre, where military acts in the area are observed and militants are communicated with via satellites, it is where looted cash is gathered and paid to the militants. It acts similar to a treasury.

Questioning in Damascus

[The headquarters] has been under strict custody by the Syrian government and its allies. They definitely have spies inside. The Syrian Army’s Elite Aerial Forces, most probably receiving Russian support, carried out an operation against headquarters at dawn, catching US intelligence officers, Barzani’s peshmarga, officers from Arab states from the Gulf and ISIS militants without giving them a chance to escape. According to sources, at the moment, they are being questioned in Damascus.

In Damascus, even the most private information takes a really short time before getting out. However, on this operation, nobody expresses a definite opinion. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated “No comment.” The Ministry of Information merely said, “We will ‘enter the dens’ of ISIS and everyone who supports them, just like Tayyip Erdoğan famously stated.”

Next, North of Aleppo

Following the operation, the Syrian Army announced that they had commenced a military purging operation in the wide area between the north and northeast of Aleppo, until the border with Turkey.

Contradictory Questions

So, if we accept the allegations and say the Saudi Kingdom supports ISIS and al-Qaida, why should ISIS or al-Qaida attack the Saudi soldiers?

Why should ISIS threaten to destroy the Kaaba, which acts as a bacon that draws in income and adds a spiritual value to Saudi Kingdom? Why should the ISIS caliph, the ‘honourable’ Baghdadi, threaten the kings and sovereigns who offer him support?

Heeding an even more grave allegation, if Erdoğan – Davutoğlu are the real supporters of ISIS, then why would a retired group of soldiers from the Turkish Special Forces wage war for money with ISIS forces in Syria and Iraq, within the AKP’s knowledge, as we had stated in Aydınlık? Then, if the allegation of these friends of the aforementioned soldiers who found out as to what they were doing in Iraq and Syria through phone conversations are correct, why did ISIS martyr our policemen in Niğde [the freeway incident], and our soldiers at the borders? Why would ISIS abduct our drivers and officers working in embassies if the Erdoğan – Davutoğlu duo let ISIS militants recover in our hospitals and support the trade through border gates?

How can the retired soldiers working at the ‘Turkish’ security organization named SADAT provide logistic support to ISIS, which massacred the Turkmen people in Iraq and Syria, and forced hundred thousand of people to leave their homes? Why would that organization hire technicians who can repair Russian tanks? Are these people out of their minds? Are they stupid enough to cut their own throats?

No, of course they are not…

ISIS is not out of control

Yes, the monster they have been feeding may overpower them, running over whoever in front of it like a truck with brakes that do not work. However, this monster is not yet out of control. It moves very strictly and awarely. If then, let us ask a question. How come ISIS, which did not appear out of nowhere, in essence unlike the ‘legendary’ al-Qaeda, can be used against its aims by the ones who support and ‘feed’ it? How should we answer the ones who ask, “ISIS threatens us as well, what kind of an unjustness makes us and them come together?”

Plays of terrorism

One who studied their history a little bit better know how these plays of terrorism are staged so naturally, in many different times and places. They know how the US bombed its own warship named ‘Main’ and buried its own personnel into the Atlantic Ocean just to invade Cuba and the Philippines. They also know how the US caused provocation in Tonkin Bay to declare war on Northern Vietnam, how they played out the 11 September Attacks and chemical weapon lies to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. They know how the US usurped its own creation, Bin Laden. They know how it used ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’, ‘the Arab Spring’ and ‘reconciliation with Palestine’ as lies to carry out the social engineering process. They know the saying, ‘You are what you do.’


SOURCE: Aydinlikdaily

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