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Death toll of Palestinian citizens has gone over 175

KHAN YOUNIS – 14/7/2014 – Israeli massacres have hit unprecedented rates as dozens of Palestinian citizens, including same-family members, were killed in the wave of Israeli airstrikes that rocked the Gaza Strip over the past seven days.

Palestinian medics said that Moussa Shahda Maamar, 60, along with his 23-year-old son, Saddam, and his daughter-in-law Hanadi, 27, were killed following the barrage of raids that hit their family home near al-Mustafa Mosque northwest of Rafah.

Other family members were left injured in the raids.



Another massacre fell upon the Strip as Palestinian citizens Maher Thabet Abu Mour, 24, Muhammad Salem Abu Bris, 65, and 19-year-old Abdul Qader Muheissen were all mass-murdered in the wave of Israeli raids launched across the Gaza Strip.

Scores of civilians were rushed to hospital in Israeli random attacks against civilians’ homes and farmlands.

Another youngster, identified as Muhammad Abd al-Al, died overnight Sunday of wounds he sustained in an earlier Israeli airstrike that rocked his family home southwest of Gaza.


Israeli F16 fighter planes dropped two rockets on the home of Dr. Nasr al-Din al-Tetr, director of Dar al-Shifa medical center, west of Gaza, razing it to the ground.

Al-Nour mosque, west of Deir al-Balah and two governmental buildings were destroyed by Israeli rocket attacks while dozens of civilians sustained injuries throughout.

More than 10 homes were destroyed across the Strip.


Ashraf al-Qudra, Health Ministry spokesperson, said Abdullah Mahmoud Baraka, 24, died Monday afternoon in an Israeli airstrike on Khan Younis, south of the Strip.

Two more civilians, including a child were murdered in Khan Younis while a mosque was reduced to rubble in an Israeli drone attack.

A barrage of Israeli drone strikes on Abasan, took away the life of Thamer Qudeih, 23, while another youth sustained severe injuries in an Israeli drone attack in Bani Suheila.

Israeli airstrike in the town of Rafah

Death toll of Palestinian citizens has gone up to 175, all mass-murdered in the Israeli military campaign that rocked the Strip over the past few days. Scores of civilians were left seriously wounded while dozens of homes and more than 20 mosques were reduced to rubble over the past seven days.

A Palestinian man uses a olive tree bran

Israeli settlers, IOF soldiers set Palestinian land on fire

NABLUS – 14/7/2014 – A gang of Israeli extremist settlers burned down dozens of Palestinian olive trees in Hawara town, south of Nablus, and in Barta’a, in Jenin.

Eye-witnesses said that hordes of Yitzhar settlers set fire to Palestinian olive trees in al-Laf area, near Hawara town.

Several trees were reduced to ashes as a result of the fires that spread out quickly, the witnesses added.

In a related event, the Israeli occupation troops set fire to Palestinian agricultural lands in eastern Barta’a, in Jenin, leading to severe material damage.

Violent clashes broke out between the landowners and the IOF soldiers in the process.

The IOF soldiers have been cordoning off the industrial and commercial zone in the village.

Dozens of Palestinian civilians were rushed to hospital as they inhaled tear gas fired by the IOF throughout the clashes.



Palestinian Information Centre – 14/7/2014

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