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Syrian Arab Army kills and injures number of terrorists in several areas ~ Army units carried out operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings in Aleppo and its countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

A military source said that the army units killed scores of terrorists by targeting their dens in al-Lairamoun, al-Mashhad al-Halak, Bani Zaid, Ein Daqniyeh and Babis in Aleppo and its countryside.

The source added that other army units destroyed 7 terrorists’ cars in Handarat, Tal Ref’at and Hreitan, in addition to destroying cars gatherings in Mare’ and Deir Hafer in the countryside.

Meanwhile, an army unit destroyed an armored car and a car equipped with heavy machinegun in al-Lairamoun, in addition to killing all terrorists inside it.

A military source told to SANA reporters that the army units destroyed a den for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group, killing all terrorists inside, in addition to destroying a weapons depot in Khan al-Sheeh farms in Damascus Countryside.

Army units clashed with terrorist groups near the eastern and northern outskirts of al-Mleiha town, eliminating and injuring many terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammo, while terrorist gatherings and hideouts were destroyed along with the terrorists and weapons inside them in the farms of Zebdin, Kisrin, and al-Nashabiye.

Other units destroyed terrorist hideouts near Fatina tower in Jobar area, eliminating a number of terrorists and injuring others, while other operations resulted in the elimination of many terrorists in Zamalka and destroying a terrorist gathering in al-Ebb farms in Douma area.

An army unit destroyed a vehicle loaded with weapons and ammo and killed the terrorists inside it on the road between the village of Afrah and Barada valley, while another unit clashed with a terrorist group in the town of Daraya, killing four of its members and destroying their weapons and ammo.

A military source said that other army units stormed terrorists’ dens and gatherings in al-Manshiyeh neighborhood and al-Bajabjeh district in Daraa al-Balad, killing and injuring many of them.

Army units killed and injured several terrorists on al-Yadodeh-Khrab al-Shahem road, Semlin, Enkhel and Atman towns in Daraa countryside, destroying their weapons and equipment.

A military source said an army unit has targeted terrorists’ gatherings in the towns of Tafas, Atman, Adwan, Tal al-Jumou’a, Tal Ashira and Tasseil in Daraa countryside.

Large numbers of terrorists were killed in the operation.

Army units also killed and wounded a number of terrorists in the surrounding of Rasm al-Aqraa in the vicinity of al-Quna Dam, and in the surrounding of Ain al-Darb town, and in Ovana, al-Yarzan and Eastern Zubaida in al-Quneitra Countryside.

A military source told SANA reporters that a leader of one of the terrorist groups called “Abu Bahr” was among the killed terrorists.

Army units targeted terrorists in the towns of al-Ajraf, al-Qahtaniya, Rasm al-Aqraa and Ein al-Basha, said the source, with a vehicle laden with a heavy machinegun destroyed near Koudna dam and all the terrorists inside getting killed.

The military units also targeted the gatherings of terrorists in Ma’ar Bleet, Ma’ar Tab’i, Kafrouma and Talmens in Idleb Countryside as a number of them were killed and others were injured.

A den for terrorists in al-Tibeh village in Jisr al-Shughour area was targeted, with 10 of them left dead, while others were wounded.

Meanwhile, an army unit targeted a terrorists’ den in al-Taiba village, killing 14 terrorists and injuring others.
Annother army unit also eliminated scores of terrorists and destroyed a number of their vehicles in Moreen village.

Other army units targeted terrorists’ dens in the areas surrounding al-Dayef valley and al-Hamdiyeh in Idleb countryside, killing and injuring many of them.

A military source said that an army unit killed and injured scores of terrorists while pursuing them on Idleb-Binish road
In the same context, the army units stormed terrorists’ dens and gatherings in Maar Tab’ai, Kfaroma and Tlamnis.

The army units alos eliminated a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the villages of al-Mghera, Rabe’a and Qasab in the northern countryside of Lattakia, destroying their weapons and equipment.

Tallal Dahour, Mazen Salo, Mohammad Shakeir, Mustafa al-Dghaim, Ahmad Abdullazez, Abdullah al-Shaar, Ahmad Darwish, Mohammad Hassoun and Omar Btaishi were identified among the dead terrorists.

Members of an armed terrorist group were repelled as they were trying to infiltrate Rasm al-Aqra’ in the countryside of Quneitra. They were killed or injured.

In Homs province, army units targeted terrorist gatherings in Abu al-Sanasel hill in Oum Sharshouh area and in Ajra valley in al-Qseir countryside, eliminating a number of terrorists and injuring others.


Syrian Arab Army targeted  and destroyed headquarters of militias around al-Arbaen mountain

Syrian Arab Army targeted Sunday positions and headquarters for militants in Ma’are-tabee hill near al-Arbain mountain with dozens of explosive missiles and Dochka machine guns that killed and injured dozens of armed men and destroyed more than 10 of their headquarters.

Syrian Breaking News reporters to Idlib quoted a field source as saying that “the operation took place after armed rebels infiltrated the village in an attempt to attack the hill at midnight”.

In this concern, Syrian Arab Army imposed its control over the hill, which is a strategic area for the Syrian Army, for several weeks.

Moreover, units of Syrian Army carried out a qualitative operation targeting locations of armed men and their fortifications in al-Fua city of Idlib countryside.

Field sources added that “the clashes killed and injured a number of armed men and that 3 gunmen were arrested”.


More Latest Military Reports

  • Hama 2014-07-13

    Syrian bombardments carried out on the outskirts of Kafar Zyta town in Hama countryside ,what resulted in deaths and 23 injuries from al-Nusra Front .

  • Daraa 2014-07-13

    Artillery bombardments carried out by the Syrian Army on many locations of opposition’s fighters in Edwan and Tseel villages in Daraa countryside ,what resulted in causalities and material damage .

  • Deir Al-Zour 2014-07-13

    Reports of a car bomb explosion near a checkpoint of the Islamic State (ISIS) in the outskirts of al-Mayadeen in Deir al-Zour , which resulted in deaths and injuries.

  • Quneitra 2014-07-13

    Artillery bombardments targeted by the Syrian Army on opposition’s fighters’ locations in Khmeseh village in al-Qunytera countryside .

  • Daraa 2014-07-13

    Heavy clashes take place between the Syrian Army and opposition fighters nearby al-Shaikh Meskeen town in Daraa countryside , news about the Army’s progression in the area .

  • Aleppo 2014-07-13

    Continuous battles take place between Akrad fighters and ISIS’s fighters in Ein al-Arab city (Qubani) in Aleppo countryside .

  • Raqqa 2014-07-13

    Syrian warplanes target many locations of ISIL in Tabaqa city of Raqqa countryside.

  • Damascus Countryside 2014-07-12

    Artillery bombardments carried out by the Syrian Army on armed opposition’s strongholds in Rankos plain in Damascus countryside .

  • Edlib 2014-07-12

    Syrian Air Forces targeted many locations of opposition fighters in Talmans town in Idlib countryside , what resulted in material damage .

  • Daraa 2014-07-12

    Syrian Army targeted opposition’s strongholds in Nawa town in Daraa countryside , what resulted in injuries and material damage .

  • Damascus Countryside 2014-07-12

    Fresh aerial bombardments carried out by the Syrian Army on opposition’s strongholds in al-Mleha town in Damascus countryside coincide with clashes take place in many axis in the region .

  • Daraa 2014-07-12

    Syrian Army bombards strongholds of opposition fighters with barrel bombs in Tseel and Adwan towns in Daraa countryside and no casualties were reported.

  • Damascus Countryside 2014-07-11

    Syrian Army bombards with artillery many locations of armed opposition in Nahta and al-Gharia al-Sharqia towns of Daraa countryside.

  • Edlib 2014-07-11

    Severe clashes occur between Syrian Army and the Islamic battalions around Wadi al-Deef and al-Hamidia camps in Ma’aret al-Numan of Idlib countryside.

  • Aleppo 2014-07-11

    The Islamic State takes control over Gheeton township in Azaz area of Aleppo northern countryside after severe fights with al-Nusra Front.

  • Damascus Countryside 2014-07-11

    Many locations of the Islamic Front in Kfar-Batna and Erbeen towns have been bombarded by Syrian Army causing material damage.

  • Daraa 2014-07-11

    Syrian Air Force has carried out several sorties in Daraa countryside targeting many locations of opposition fighters in Dael, Enkhel and Jasem towns causing casualties and material damage.

  • Quneitra 2014-07-10

    Clashes continues between the Syrian Army and opposition fighters in Khmesah town in al-Qunaitera countryside in a battle called by “Wa al-Shams wa Duhaha.”

  • Damascus 2014-07-10

    Artillery bombardments carried out by Syrian Army target strongholds of armed opposition in Jobar neighborhood, east Damascus, what resulted in injuries and material damage.

  • Damascus Countryside 2014-07-10

    Aerial bombardments carried out by Syrian Army target strongholds of the Islamic Front in the area between Duma city and Adraa town of Damascus countryside.


Syrian Arab News Agency
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the real Syrian Free Press NETwork on 14/7/2014