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260 Palestinian Murdered, 2000 Injured

At least 260 Palestinian civilians were killed while some 2000 sustained wounds in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza over the past 12 days.

A new Israeli massacre took place at dawn Friday as a wave of air raids on al-Qarara and al-Zana, east of Khan Younis, claimed the lives of at least 22 civilians and left 10 others severely wounded.

Palestinian medical sources said most of the casualties succumbed to their wounds after ambulance crews failed to reach them.

The Zionist enemy’s military vehicles penetrated deeply into the north, east and west of the strip.

By launching its ground invasion into the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation forces have added new barbarous crimes to its notorious record amid reports of them using internationally banned smoke and poisonous bombs.


1 IOF soldier killed

During the attack by land of the IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces), as shown in the video, the Palestinian resistance killed 1 Israeli soldier.

In response, the Palestinian resistance continued targeting Israeli sites and settlements with rockets and missiles and announced its complete preparedness to face the land invasion.

As acknowledged by the occupation authorities themselves, the resistance managed to set up an ambush for Israeli troops in Beit Lahya, killing a soldier and injuring others.

The resistance announced that it sniped at an Israeli soldier and killed him in Khan Younis.

The Zionist entity, which is accustomed to violating international law, finds no harm in escalating its aggression on Gaze and committing more crimes against humanity in the light of the absence of any international deterrent and the unlimited support offered by the US.

Palestinian commandos also storm an Israeli military post east of Rafah.

The Israeli media said that a number of Palestinian resistance fighters at dawn Thursday infiltrated into a military post to the far east of Rafah and engaged the troops there.

According to media reports, the Israeli soldiers at Sufa border crossing and military post were taken by surprise by a group of 15 resistance fighters, who used a tunnel to storm the area.

During the Palestinian commando raid, a hail of Palestinian rockets were fired from Gaza on the area to provide cover for the infiltrating resistance fighters.

The Israeli media claimed that some resistance fighters were killed during the attack and some of them managed to withdrew to Gaza through the tunnel.

The Palestinian commando operation lasted for several hours and is believed to have inflicted heavy human losses in the ranks of Israeli soldiers.

For its part, Al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas claimed responsibility for the commando raid on Sufa military post in the southeast of Gaza.

The armed wing of Hamas said on its website that a special unit of its fighters infiltrated behind enemy lines at four o’clock in the morning and carried out its operation successfully before its exposure to an aerial attack on its way back.

It affirmed, however, that all members of the operation returned safely to Gaza.


45 are the Palestinian children killed by Israel.

45 are the Palestinian children killed in the ongoing Israeli military offensive on Gaza for the past ten days, Defense for Children International-Palestine reported (DCI) Thursday.

DCI Chairman Rafaat Qisis said: “Such Israeli genocides against Gaza children manifest of an unparalleled disrespect to the very foundations of international laws.”

“The Israeli occupation forces should stop their attacks on civilians,” he demanded.

The international humanitarian law prohibits any such random aggressions and rules for a necessary differentiation between civilian and armed targets in any potential aggression.”

The ongoing Israeli, offensive on Gaza took away the lives of 230 civilians so far while some 1685 have been left severely wounded.

DCI has called on the international community to press ahead with serious actions so as to urge the Israeli occupation to cease fire and bring its aggressions on Gaza children to a halt.

The organization slammed the world’s silence over the tragedy of Gaza innocent children and civilians, whose names, ages and murder-dates featured in a documentary account survey conducted by the DCI.


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