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Damascus, SANA-Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban said President Bashar al-Assad’s speech, which he delivered after taking the oath of office, had laid down alternatives for reversing a retrograding Arab situation which he analyzed and offered an exit from.

Shaaban, whose comments came during a televised interview with al-Mayadeen pan-Arab TV Channel aired Thursday, indicated that many Arab states are “in the painful throes” of a situation that cannot continue to run its current course, citing instead a need for “creating a new transparent Arab situation dominated by faith in the national causes and freedom from Western domination.”

Shaaban praised President al-Assad’s speech which she said “has offered a whole package of bases that set the next stage on the local, Arab and international levels,” with special attention given to “immunizing the domestic front and building self capacities through dialogue, reconciliation, combating corruption, reconstruction and institution-building.”

“Since day one,” Shaaban said, “President al-Assad said that solving the crisis in Syria is a domestic affair among the Syrian people.”

Among the next stage’s top priorities, Shaaban cited the counter-terrorism efforts, a restoration of security and stability, a return of the displaced and an economic rebound.

Shaaban saw that there is a “real revision” in the West of the unfolding situation in Syria but, she explains “things do not happen overnight, meaning not to believe that the West would come groveling to apologize to Syria about its policies.”

“Rather, there are indications and signs emerging and accumulating that we must seize and build on, and encourage the sides of common sense,” the presidential advisor stated.

Echoing President al-Assad’s comments, Shaaban considered the aggression against the Gaza Strip as one against Syria “which does not change its Arab identity no matter what, nor does it give up on the Palestinian cause.”


Mikdad: President al-Assad’s speech raised worldwide attention…aggression on Syria part of conspiracy on Palestinian cause

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Faisal Mikdad stressed that July 16, 2014, the day of swearing-in ceremony of President Bashar al-Assad for a new seven-year term, was a Syrian day that will enter the history of Syria, the region and the history of the world as a whole.

In a televised interview with the Syrian TV on Thursday, Mikdad said the Syrians have renewed their confidence in President al-Assad who proved, over the last ten years, that Syria and the region were at safe hands.

Mikdad added that President al-Assad’s speech raised worldwide attention, pointing that President al-Assad, who became an international figure, is concerned with maintaining the security and peace of this world, affirming that there is a lot of the leaders and peoples of the world are showing solidarity with and standing by  Syria since they know that any damage  to affect Syria they will be negatively affected.

” The big attention given to President al-Assad’s speech is related to  Syria’s success in defeating  the conspiracy and the aggression hatched against it,” he said, stressing that the fate of the region and beyond will be decided through defeating this aggression.

On the request of some Western countries for Syria’s help in countering terrorism, Mikdad said that Syria, in principle, is ready to cooperate with all the world’s countries in this regard, ” but those who want to rely on our help in this field, must give us, in return, all what leads to the confidence that they will fight terrorism because it is unacceptable to claim combating terrorism at their homes, while they are continued in supporting terrorism and killing in Syria and the other areas in the world.

” If the world wanted to uproot terrorism and violence it should stop the flow of terrorists and their funding,”

Mikdad said the aggression on Syria is part of the conspiracy on the Palestinian cause, pointing out that all the threats against the Arab nation come from Israel.

He added Syria has been supporting the Palestinian people’s struggle against the Israeli occupier, affirming that Syria will triumph in its battle against terrorism for the sake of the Palestinian people as it will continue its support to the resistance in the region at all levels.


SOURCE:  SANA   M. Ismael

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