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A Ziad Fadel Report: Syrian Arab Army (Division-17) Kills 520 ISIS Barbarian Savages in Spectacular Defensive Operation.


High ranking Ba’ath Party sources have confirmed the successful repelling of over 6 full-frontal attacks on a regiment of the SAA Division 17 in Al-Raqqa Province.  This division is huge and extends over a vast area of the province with over 18,000 enlisted men and officers backed by the very best equipment Syria possesses, not to mention full air supremacy.

Warning to all readers:  As you know, ISIS is being helped by American, British (read: BBC) and Zionist psyops experts in presenting its narrative of victory to a naive audience of rat supporters and derelicts – essentially people who wouldn’t have known that paper comes from wood.  Be careful, and look at the source of the information before you regale me with any nonsense in the comment section.

Division 17 has sustained 6 suicide bombings, during the last 2 weeks,  in trucks no different than those used on the Aleppo Central Prison.  The ISIS group now has hundreds of members of Nusra who defected and are advising their new organization regarding better tactics.  The trucks, for example, are uniformly armor-plated to deflect anti-tank rockets before the truck reaches its target. THEY HAVE NOT WORKED.

Yesterday, SAA forward units backed by snipers, scouts and roving anti-tank weapons specialists blocked 2 separate attempts to breach the regiment’s perimeter which is a wall with rows of bagged-dirt fortifications.  The first truck approached the regiment and was destroyed by a simultaneous “perfect storm” of Kornet rockets that almost vaporized the contraption.  When that effort failed, the ISIS rodents tried a second truck which was able to approach the perimeter, but, was rendered into molten dross at a safe distance.  In both instances, the drivers were atomized, their existence rendered meaningless by this act of pure nihilism.

The Syrian High Command  has issued a warning to all those who pay attention to the humbuggery of the Western media:  Division 17 has redeployed its forces only because of an intent to strengthen its defensive capabilities.  ISIS has deliberately tried to depict its attacks on some abandoned strong-points, once operated by the SAA, as victories.  Do not believe any of this.  The strong-points were intentionally abandoned in order to protect SAA soldiers and are part of normal redeployments of troops according to well-established norms in military science.

SYRPER CAN CONFIRM THAT THE LAST FAILED ATTEMPTS BY ISIS TO OVERRUN ONE REGIMENT OF THE DIVISION 17 HAS RESULTED IN A COUNT OF 520 DEAD RATS.  This includes the complete destruction of 3 convoys loaded with weapons from Iraq including 16 pickup trucks with 23mm cannons.  The SAAF was primarily responsible for isolating the convoys and unleashing a pitiless storm of air-to-ground missiles from Sukhoi and MiG bombers and Hind helicopter gunships.  Their carcasses are now rotting like carrion in the dry wind.

Readers are also advised to begin the vigil before the liberation of Al-Raqqa.  It should be obvious that the failed American plan to hold on to Al-Raqqa is what is motivating these suicidal attacks on Division 17 which will lead the thrust to liberate the city.




Also, just in, the SAA has repelled an attack by ISIS on Al-Hasaka forcing the terrorists to withdraw more than 15kms south of the city.  The attack by hundreds of ISIS rodents was led by none other than Abu ‘Umar Al-Shishaani, whose life on this earth is now being measured by sand particles.


SOURCE: Ziad Fadel at SyrianPerspective.com

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