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Palestinian child wounded by Israeli attack on Gaza

Dozens of Palestinians were martyred early on Wednesday as the Zionist monsters forces bombarded and stuck several areas across the besieged strip including a UNRWA school: after 24 day of offensive the Palestinians killed are 1260 and over 7100 injured.

At least 20 civilians were killed and dozens injured in Israeli bombardments at UNRWA school, used as a shelter for those displaced by the war.

Israel has committed a new massacre at dawn Wednesday after bombing an UNRWA school northern Gaza Strip where hundreds of families had sought refuge after fleeing their homes due to heavy Israeli missile strikes in Gaza. At least 15 people were killed and dozens were injured during the attack.

Palestinian sources said that Israeli jet fighters targeted at dawn today an UNRWA school in Jabalia refugee camp sheltering hundreds of Palestinians displaced by the ongoing aggression.

At least 15 bodies reached Kamal Odwan hospital torn into pieces, while 50 others suffered injuries, most of them in serious condition.

Following the strike, Palestinian Interior Ministry called on UNRWA to bear its responsibility towards the Israeli crimes committed against its institutions and headquarters sheltering hundreds of displaced civilians.

A number of UNRWA schools were targeted by Israeli artillery shells although hundreds of displaced civilians were inside, most recently was the bombing of Abu Hussein School to the north of the Strip. However, UNRWA did not condemn any of these attacks, the ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

UNRWA has previously issued a statement claiming that 20 rockets were discovered in one of its schools without prior investigation, providing a justification to Israeli war crimes against Gazan civilians, the statement added.

Israeli warplanes had bombed more than once Beit Lahia School where a large number of casualties were reported, in addition to Deir al-Balah School, UNRWA headquarters, and its main warehouse.


A shelling earlier in the northern Gaza Strip killed an 11-year-old handicapped girl, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said, with a subsequent shelling in the centre of the small coastal territory killing a 16-year-old girl.

A strike shortly afterwards in the southern city of Khan Yunis killed 10 members of a single family, Qudra said, including one child who could not immediately be identified.

A middle-aged man was martyred early in the morning in the southern city of Rafah.

The deaths brought Wednesday’s Palestinian toll to at least 29, with the total count from an Israeli operation to stamp out militant rocket fire to nearly 1,260, according to Qudra’s latest figures.


The Euro-mid Observer for Human Rights, based in Geneva, published its preliminary statistics till the 22nd of the Israeli attack on the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to the Euro-mid, the number of victims on Tuesday, the 22nd day of the Israeli aggression, reached 145 people, including 30 children and 15 women.

Euro-mid Observer cited on the 22nd day of Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip an escalation in the Israeli army targeting of Palestinian civilians without prior-warning.

Approximately 56 families were targeted; all of their 250 members were killed since the beginning of the Israeli offensive on Gaza. Euro-mid considered that targeting safe families in their own homes without any prior-warning represents a complete war crime.

Euro-mid warned of the rise in targeting entire Palestinian families without prior-warning, highlighting the bombing of Abu Ziad’s family house in Rafah. 11 members of the family including an infant were killed during the attack.

Euro-mid also condemned the targeting of Balata family home by Israeli forces in Jabalia on Tuesday 22 July. 10 people were killed, five of whom were children in addition to their father.

Israeli forces had killed 14 of al-Agha family after bombing their home without prior-warning in Khan Younis southern Gaza Strip.

Another house in Rafah city was targeted by Israeli forces; six members of Duheir family were killed including a child; an elderly woman, and a journalist. In similar attacks, five members of Abu Shamala family and five members of al-Najjar family were killed.

The number of wounded on the 22nd day of the assault is 467 wounded, including 118 children and 56 women. Their injuries range from light to serious; bringing up the total number of wounded since the beginning of the attacks to 6,970 wounded including 2,210 children and 1,493 women.

On Tuesday 29 July, Euro-Mid documented 9360 missile strikes fired by Israeli forces on Tuesday; including 656 airstrikes, 2,130 naval strikes and 6,574 artillery shells. The total number of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Israeli military operation has increased dramatically, reaching 39,812 attacks including 5,659 airstrikes, 11,537 naval projectiles and 22,616 artillery shells.

Along the same line, 555 houses were destroyed on Tuesday, 56 were totally destroyed and 499 were partially destroyed; bringing up the total number of damaged houses since the beginning of the attacks to 8,002 houses; of which 1,375 were totally destroyed and 6,627 were partially destroyed.

Euro-mid has pointed to the targeting of 11 mosques by Israeli warplanes bringing four of them entirely to the ground; bringing up the total number to 82 mosques, of which 21 were totally destroyed.

Al-Shifa hospital’s outpatient clinic, which is the central hospital in the area, was partially targeted. This makes the number of targeted hospitals and medical clinics reach 16 since the beginning of the attacks.

Euro-mid pointed out that Israeli forces continued targeting facilities belonging to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), where two brothers were killed when Israeli missiles hit an UNRWA-marked car on Tuesday evening, including one of its employees.

The Israeli forces have also targeted more than 8 water and sanitation stations that cater to more than 700,000 citizens; and 147 schools, where tens of thousands of students go to, were damaged.

Euro-mid Observer said that Gaza’s sole Power Plant, which caters to more than a million and a half citizens, was shut down due to Israeli strikes after being hit by a barrage of Israeli strikes. Gaza Energy Authority confirmed that Gaza Power Plant has been completely disabled due to the ceaseless Israeli overnight strikes.

Israeli jet fighters also bombed on Tuesday a media building housing press institutions, in addition to al-Aqsa TV channel and radio station headquarters.

Israeli ongoing attacks deepened the economic underlying crisis to which Gazans have been subjected for nearly 8 years due to Israeli siege.

It is estimated that the Israeli assault’s damages amount to approximately to 880 million dollars, including 640 million dollars direct damages.

Euro-mid also pointed to the displacement of several families who left their homes and turned to other citizens’ houses or to dozens of UNRWA schools which remain unsafe places for shelter after being targeted by Israeli forces. Euro-mid estimates the number of displaced to be more than 214,500 people so far.

Palestinian Resistance blew up a building barricaded by a number of zionist soldiers in east of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, before the noon today.

A number of zionist soldiers were killed and more wounded.


Zionist colonial forces are slaughtering the Arab civilian population, and this is a War Crime, a Crime Against Humanity, Ethnic Cleaning and Genocide: Tel Aviv’s jew-colonial regime have to pay for it.

This is a real form of anti-semitism against the Arab people of Gaza and Occupied Palestine.

But worst, is a provocation to start the ever seen largest war in the Middle east.


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