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Syrian Arab Army units continued Friday its counter-terrorism military operations, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists in several areas and provinces.

In Damascus countryside, a military source told SANA that the army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings  in the farms of Khan al-Sheeh and Basher Najjar and in Mughr al-Meer , leaving a number of terrorists killed and woundedز

SANA field reporter said large numbers of terrorists were killed and their weaponry and munitions were destroyed in areas near the Syrian-Lebanese borders, including al-Mashirfeh and the area between al-Jibbeh and Ras al-Maara.

In the army units targeted terrorists in al-Zabadani and Daraya, and killed scores of terrorists.

In the eastern al-Ghouta, the army targeted terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts in many areas in Douma and al-Mleiha, large amounts of the terrorists’ weapons and ammunition were destroyed and huge numbers of them were killed, among them were Khaled Tafour and Momen al-Zamel.

In Joubar Neighborhood, the army units targeted terrorists’ hideouts including terrorists and weapons, a number of terrorists were killed and their weapons were destroyed.

Terrorist Abu Zakkour, of the so-called “Jund Allah” was identified among the dead.

In Aleppo and its countryside, the army units raided terrorists dens and gatherings, causing  scores of them dead and injured and their weapons destroyed.

According to a military source a number of cars with all terrorists inside them were destroyed in Khan al-Assal, al-Rashedeen and the journalists’ association.

A military source told SANA that the army units eliminated terrorists and destroyed their weapons in the farm of al-Fitian, road of nahteh-Malihat al-Atash, Nasab, Jamra, west of al-faqe’, south Ghrab al-Shahem, Atman, north of Mahjeh, in Daraa countryside.

In Daraa al-Balad, a number of terrorists were killed and wounded in the vicinity al-Bajabjh,  Jordan street, the area around Bilal Habashi Mosque, south al-Khalil Mosque and surrounding the Technical Institute.

The army units killed and injured a number of terrorists after targeting their gatherings in the areas of Koum al-Wawyat, Tal al-Khudr, al-Yadouda, Tal Ar’ar, Kaheel and Atman.

The army also destroyed two vehicles loaded with terrorists on al-Gharyat-al-Hrak road.

In Quneitra countryside, terrorists were eliminated in Dahret al-Sholi, Bait Jenn, near Abo Shatta Horsh,  al-Khazrajieh groves and in Rasm al-Aqraa and destroyed their weapons and criminal tools.

The army targeted terrorists’ gatherings in the areas of al-Sweisa and al-Rafeed, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.

In Homs countryside, terrorists’ hideouts were targeted in Sama’lil, Taldo in al-Hole, and in al-Wa’er and Talbessieh where the terrorists weapons and criminal tools were destroyed.

A source at Homs Governorate told SANA reporter that the unit tasked with defending a gas station in al-Furuglus in Homs eastern countryside repelled terrorists who tried to attack the area.

The source said that the unit destroyed a vehicle loaded with explosives driven by a suicidal terrorist, adding that three personnel were injured while the station remained intact.

Several dens for terrorists in Idleb and its countryside were also targeted.

The army units destroyed two terrorists’ dens near al-Shougr and Halouz towns in Jisr al-Shogur in Idleb countryside, killing 20 terrorists and injuring others, in addition to destroying 3 cars equipped with heavy machineguns.