In Memory of the 9 members of the al-Farra family

On Friday, August 1, 2014, Israel targeted and attacked the house belonging to the al-Farra family in Maan, south of Khan Younis, killing 9 members of the family, and injuring sixteen others.

  1. Abdul-Malek Abdul-Salam al-Farra, 58 years old
  2. Osama Abdul-Malek al-Farra, 34 years old
  3. Emad Abdul-Hafeth al-Farra, 28 years old
  4. Awatef Ezzeddin al-Farra, 29 years old
  5. Mohammad Mahmoud al-Farra, 12 years old
  6. Lojein Bassem al-Farra, 4 years old
  7. Yara Abdul-Salam al-Farra, 8 years old
  8. Nadine Mahmoud al-Farra
  9. Abdulrahman al-Farra, 8 years old, was pronounced dead when he succumbed to wounds he sustained during the shelling.


yara-2Yara Al-Farra, 8 years old. One of her dreams was to become a beautiful bride.

mohammad-el-farraMohammad Mahmoud al-Farra, 12 years old. He was kind and loved school.

Nadine al farra
Nadine Mahmoud al-Farra

Lojein Bassem al-Farra, 4 years old

Abdulrahman al-Farra, 8 years old

Dr. Mona El-Farra, Director of Gaza Projects, whose relatives were killed states:

It was shocking to find out that my cousins were killed with their children and grandchildren. But my family is not different from any other family living in the Gaza Strip. This is the brutality of the Israeli occupation and we are expecting bad news all the time. Whenever there is bad news here, we ask ourselves who is next? Still, no matter how much you are prepared for this kind of bad news, it’s shocking and it hit me very hard.”


In memory: Rizq, Saadiyeh, Mahmoud, and Youssef Abu Taha

Youssef Abu Taha

Rizq Abu Taha, a baby less than a year old, was killed on Saturday August 2, 2014, in an Israeli air strike targeting his home in Rafah, Gaza. Three other members of the Abu Taha family were killed, identified as:

  1. Saadiyeh Abu Taha, 40 years old
  2. Mahmoud Abu Taha, 27 years old
  3. Youssef Abu Taha


In memory: Ziada family


On July 20, 2014, an Israeli warplane launched a missile at a 3-story house belonging to Jameel Sha’ban Ziada, in which 20 people live, in al-Boreij refugee camp in central Gaza City. The house was destroyed and 6 members of the family, including two women and a child, and a guest were killed.

The names of those who were killed include:

  • Jameel Sha’ban Ziada, 53 years old
  • Bayan ‘Abdul Latif Ziada, 39 years old
  • Yousef Sha’ban Ziada, 43 years old
  • Omar Sha’ban Ziada, 32 years old
  • Sha’ban Jameel Ziada, 12 years old
  • Muftiya Mohammed Ziada, 70 years old
  • Mohammed Mahmoud al-Maqadma, 30 years old

Bayan ‘Abdul Latif Ziada, 39 years old 

Omar Sha’ban Ziada, 32 years old

Sha’ban Jameel Ziada, 12 years old 


In Memory: The Al-Kilani Family

Al-Kilani Family


We honor 7 members of the al-Kilani family:

  1. Ibrahim Deib Ahmad al-Kilani, 53 years old. He was an engineer.
  2. Taghrid Shoeban Mohammad al-Kilani, 47 years old.
  3. Yassr Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 8 years old.
  4. Elias Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 4 years old.
  5. Susan Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 11 years old.
  6. Reem Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 12 years old.
  7. Yasmeen Ibrahim Deeb al-Kilani, 9 years old.

The al-Kilani family was killed on July 22, 2014 by an Israeli airstrike that hit the Salam building in Gaza City. It has been reported that Taghreed al-Kilani was preparing an iftar, the meal that ends a day of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, when Israel shelled them. The al-Kilanis lived in Beit Lahia, in the north-west of Gaza, but had moved to the center of Gaza City before the air strikes in response to an Israeli evacuation request. The family also held German nationality


In Memory: Mohammad Abu Saada

Mohammad Abu Saada

Mohammad Sa’ad Mahmoud Abu Saada, 26 years old, was killed in an Israeli attack on eastern Khan Younis on July 18, 2014. He is seen above with his baby boy


In Memory: Nadeem Siam Nuwara and Muhammad Mahmoud Odeh Abu Al-Thahir

Nadeem Siam Nuwara

Nadeem Nuwara

Nadeem Siam Nuwara, 17 years old

Muhammad Mahmoud Odeh Abu Al-Thahir
, 16 years old

Nadeem Siam Nuwara, 17 years old, and Muhammad Mahmoud Odeh Abu Al-Thahir, 16 years old, were shot and killed by the Israeli military on May 19, 2014. The two boys were participating Israeli’s use of administrative detention, in a demonstration near Ofer military prison when they were shot.


In Memory: Ra’ed Abu Hani

Ra’ed Abu Hani
Ra’ed Hani Abu Hani, 31 years old, was killed on July 11, 2014 in a bombing in Rafah.


… … … to be continued with over 1800 more names and photos of Palestinian martirs, and ten thousand injured… … …


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