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100 Austrians crossed the Turkish border into Syria to join the armed gangs of mercenaries for the Zihad* (Zionist jihad)

The Austrian anti-terrorism office approved the presence of thousands of armed men from European descent, including a hundred Austrians in the ranks of Zionist jihadists in Syria and Iraq, to fight for Israel the Zihad, the ‘Zionist Jihad’.

Office of the fight against terrorism pointed out that 50 of them are still within this armed group in northern Syria, along with thousands of other mercenaries coming from several European countries.

‘Al-chorier’ Austrian newspaper revealed, based on the new Austrian security investigations, that thousands of terrorists in Syria and Iraq are foreigners who entered in Syria through the Turkish border after receiving money and weapons on the border (by Turkish Intelligence officers).

Dozens of Austrians died and were buried in Syria, while many of them returned in Austria alive, facing public prosecution, placed under strict observation and sentenced  to prison on charges of participating in terrorist acts and activities with international terrorist organizations such ISIS (Zionist jihadists)  and al-Nusra Front (which is affiliated to al-Qaeda).

The promise of easy money and easy sex-jihad, has attracted and attracts many ignorant and unscrupulous degenerated killers, which one after another fall under the blows of the Syrian Arab Army, unfortunately after committing heinous crimes against the Syrian people.

The Zihad (the jihadist Zionist project) will never be able to have room in between Syria and the Syrian people, and will be extinguished soon as its principals.

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Zihad* The term Zhiad’ was coined, expressed and published for the first time by SyrianFreePress NETwork / TG24Siria, to express synthetically the close relationship between Zionismand wahhabism, which work hand in hand to build the same project, the one of Tel Aviv, using mercenary manpower of international troglodytes.


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