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Sold out in Israeli hospitals that treat Zihadists mercenaries: terrorists fighting in Syria recovered by their Khazars masters.

Occupied Jerusalem, 8/8/2014 – Injured Zihadist (Zionists Jihadists) mercenaries escaping from the fighting fields in Syria are welcome in Israel, where they are received and where they find the doors of Israeli hospitals wide open for treatments.

According with the Syrian network SANA, the Israeli web-site ‘Walla’ reported that new terrorists were admitted yesterday at the Poria Hospital in Tiberias, Occupied Palestine. About a hundred others have been previously hospitalized and treated by the Zionist occupation forces in the same hospital facility.

The last terrorist treated by Zionist occupation forces is a 42 yo mercenary with shrapnel wounds to his leg, a gift by a Syrian Army unit.

The Israeli occupation forces (which have hospitalized hundreds of mercenaries fighting against the Syrian Arab Army) provide unlimited support to the armed terrorist gangs in Syria, which in turn offer coverage to the Zionist forces who target areas inside Syria.

The Zionist entity is using terrorist groups as puppets, in a very dangerous game that will backfire against the Chazar sect settled in Tel Aviv.


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