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One of the oldest community in the Middle East, the Christian in Iraq, which together with the Syrian and Palestinian trace their origins to the dawn of Christianity, many centuries before Islam saw the lightare slaughtered and the survivors threatened with death by few gangs of killers mercenaries, who in the name of their goddevil (that has nothing to do with genuine Islam) are committing heinous crimes against humanity.

But the community of Christians where is he?
Why do not makes his voice heard loud and uses the mass of hundreds of millions of faithful to put pressure on the rulersof the earth in order to stop arming and supporting these satanic criminals?

Christians all over the world, stop, stop the world, make hear your strength and your holy reasons, help your fellow Christians in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, before it is too late, before your guilt for not having done not enough will become your eternal condemnation.

The photo gallery below is the work of the artist photographerAllen kakony’


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Versione in Italiano Su TG24Siria