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2 Palestinians shot dead by Israelis in West Bank

Another day, another funeral. Palestinians marched in their thousands to mourn the Israeli killing of 20-year-old Mohammad al-Qatary, who has become the 17th Palestinian to be killed in the West Bank in one month.

Mohammad’s friends explained to me that they had attended a demonstration in support of Gaza people. They were marching on an Israeli settlement near Ramallah, where they were ambushed by Israeli forces.

Marwan added that the Israelis prevented an ambulance from reaching Mohammad, and by the time they received the body, he had suffered severe blood loss and was pronounced dead. They also found he was shot in the heart following the beating. An autopsy will be performed today.


1914 are the Palestinians killed in Gaza after 33 days of shelling from sky-land-sea


The Israeli occupation forces resumed Saturday their brutal bombing on a number of areas in Gaza Strip, claiming the lives of at least nine Palestinians and injuring many others.

Palestinian news agencies said  the Israeli occupation warplanes bombed a mosque in al-Nseirat in central Gaza.

According to Palestinian medical source, an Israeli raid on al-Qasam mosque left three martyrs and several wounded persons who were left under debris, while a man and his son were killed when Israeli planes fired on their motorbike.

Israeli occupation forces bombed Friday a mosque in al-Sheikh Radwan neighborhood to the north of the Gaza Strip, claiming a life of a child and injuring 9 Palestinians, resuming a month-long aggression.

Palestinian sources said that two Palestinians were killed by Israeli air raids which targeted a car in Rafah, and a third was killed in another air raid on Deir al-Balah.

The body of child Shahid Othman al-Jammal was also uncovered from beneath the ruins of a house destroyed by Israeli shelling in al-Shujaiye neighborhood in Gaza.

The new attacks come as the prime minister of the Zionist entity announced escalation against the Palestinian people through issuing orders to move ahead with the military aggression on the Strip.

Israeli occupation forces resumed land, air and sea offensive directly after the end of a truce which lasted for 72 hours.

The Israeli air strikes were accompanied with shelling from the occupation boats towards the territory.

Earlier, the Palestinian resistance announced that the delegation of its factions did not agree to extending the truce because of Israeli rejection to meet the Palestinian demands, first and foremost, lifting the unfair siege imposed on Gaza residents.

Sources said that the indirect talks failed because of the refusal of the Israeli occupation to fulfil Palestinian demands, including an immediate lift of the 8-year siege on Gaza.

The death toll from the Israeli aggression on its 34rd day rose to 1914, while the number of Palestinians injured by the aggression is around 10,000. The Zionist Occupation Forces reported that 64 Israeli soldiers or officers were killed since Israel’s attacks on Gaza began.


Mohamed will never see his father’s face again


Nine year-old Mohamed Badran was looking forward to hugging his parents and playing with his six brothers during the three-day annual holiday that follows the holy month of Ramadan. Despite the fact that the Israeli war has devastated any hope of happiness in Gaza, Mohamed remained hopeful.

But days later, with his mother and his uncle standing beside him in Al-Shifa Hospital, Mohammed told MEMO: “All my dreams were shattered after two Israeli tank shells darkened my life and wounded all my brothers.”

After the dawn prayer of the first day of the holiday, Eid Al-Fitr, Mohamed and his family members were sleeping peacefully in their house. Mohamed prepared the new clothes and toys his mother had bought him and his brothers to wear for the holiday.

He went to bed, looking forward to his mother waking him up in the morning. He did not know at that moment he was going to close his eyes forever. Two merciless Israeli tank shells hit his house, destroying his bedroom and wounding him and his six brothers.

“They were sleeping like angels,” Mohamed’s uncle told MEMO. “Their father was preparing to take them outdoors to visit their uncles and aunts. Instead, they were taken to visit the hospital.”

All Mohamed’s clothes were burnt and the toys he bought for Eid torn to pieces. He is unable to see his broken dreams. In fact, he will probably never see his dreams, the faces of his parents, or enjoy the colours of his toys or clothes again.

Mohamed and one of his brothers sustained serious injuries. Although he did not lose his sight, he lost his two eyes. Doctors have said there is a slight opportunity he will be able to see the light again through a donated or artificial eye.

After five of his brothers left the hospital, his mother feels her heart is divided into two parts; one wants to stay with Mohamed and the other with his brother in a different department in the hospital.

In 34 days of war on Gaza, the Israeli occupation has killed around 1,900 Palestinians and wounded around 9,000 others. Most of them, according to UN statistics, were civilians. At least 400 children are among the dead.

Mohamed’s story became well-known to people in Palestine and abroad. Many doctors and charities offered to treat him and help him see light again and hope slowly returned to Mohamed that he would one day see the faces of his parents again.

But amidst this increasing hope, the Israeli occupation killed Mohamed’s father this morning while he was performing the dawn prayer in Al-Qassam Mosque in Al-Nusairat Refugee camp. An Israeli F16 rocket landed during the prayer, killing five and wounding around ten others.

Nidal Badran, Mohamed’s father, was among the dead. Now Mohamed has lost complete hope of seeing his father’s face again.


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