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 Aug 10, 2014 – The Syrian Arab Army managed to repel Jeish al-Islam terrorists’ continued attacks on Damascus airport in the past few days.

A group of Jeish Al-Islam militants, headed by Zahran Aloush, have launched massive attacks in the last few days to take control of the Damascus International Airport, but they were pushed back by the Syrian troops before they could open their way to the airport.

According to a source present in the field, the Jeish al-Islam mercenaries have failed to make any advance or occupy any of the positions needed for surrounding the Damascus airport.

Clashes are now underway between the Syrian troops and the terrorists in the two towns of Hatitat al-Turkaman and al-Qazlaniya, near the airport.

Dispatches from the region said on Saturday that the Syrian army had killed, at least, 20 terrorists and injured tens of others in fierce clashes with the gunmen near the airport.

A Syrian military source said yesterday that the mercenary groups withdrew to Deir Al-Assafir in Damascus countryside after they were driven out from the airport by the Syrian army.

On Friday, Syrian troops staged massive operations against terrorists’ strongholds and hideouts in Damascus countryside, killing at least 200 anti-government mercenaries and wounding many more.

The Syrian government forces targeted the takfirists’ positions at the hills of towns of Buhairan, Saber, Bala’a and other towns in Damascus’ countryside, which resulted in killing and wounding of many armed gunmen.



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