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ENG ~ Syria News 14/8/2014

Content of the Video News:

  • – #Army units eliminated a number of terrorists in the southern countryside of Quneitra, find terrorists’ #hideout #full of #weapons in #Darayya in #Damascus CS.
  • – #Homs: Terrorists who tried to #infiltrate into Shaer oil field eliminated
  • – Units of the #armed #forces #eliminated a number of #terrorists and #destroyed their vehicles in different areas of #Aleppo and its countryside
  • – New #aid #shipment sent to #Aleppo countryside
  • – #Lebanon: General commander of #Lebanese army: Number of Lebanese #soldiers #missing is risen to 20 in #Ersal
  • – #Iraq: Army kills dozens of terrorists affiliated with #ISIL terrorist group
  • – #Gaza: #Israeli #airstrikes #violate 5-day #truce that has been in force since dawn today
  • – #West_Bank: #Palestinian #youth #killed by female #settler who ran him down with her car



FRA ~ Journal de Syrie 14/8/2014

Contenu de le Vidéo Journal:

– Le #commandement #général de l’armée: #Stabilisation de la #ville de #Mleiha et des fermes périphériques à Ghouta-est

– #Découverte d’une #cache d’armes des terroristes à Darayya dans le banlieue de #Damas

– #Neutralisation de terroristes dans de nombreuses zones à #Alep et à #Homs

– #Convoi #humanitaire vers les banlieues nord et ouest d’Alep

– #Liban: #Qahwaji: Le nombre des #soldats libanais #disparus lors de l’opération militaire à #Ersal s’élève à 20

– #Irak: Opérations de l’armée irakienne contre des terroristes de l’Etat islamique #EIIL dans plusieurs régions

– #Palestine: Les forces de l’occupant mènent des raids sur #Gaza et #violent la nouvelle #trêve, Un jeune palestinien tombe en #martyr en #Cisjordanie

– #Appel téléphonique entre #Poutine et #Abbas sur les développements à Gaza



ARABIC ~  12, 13, 14  AUGUST  2014






August 14, 2014 ~ Syrian Arab Army continues widescale operations against terrorists across Syria


Syrian Army units on Thursday continued to tighten their grip on terrorists in a number of areas across Syria where many terrorists were killed and injured and their equipment was destroyed.

A military source told SANA that army units attacked gatherings of terrorists in al-Wa’ar and the villages of Taldo, Kafarlaha, al-Nasria, Burj Qa’ai in al-Hula, in Abu Qatour, Abu Trraha , Abu Lyia , Abu Jres, um al-Rish , al-Shandakhia and al-Shiha in Homs eastern countryside, in Wadi al-Kahf in al-Qusair countryside where a number of terrorists were killed and injured.

The source added that an army unit killed a number of terrorists while they were trying to infiltrate al-Shaer gas field in Homs countryside, destroying three cars equipped with heavy machineguns.

The Army units also eliminated a number of terrorists in the southern countryside of Damascus and Quneitra.

Army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings in Nestle street, on al-Medakha roundabout in Khan al-Shih, Sa’sa’ and in Hasna crossroads in Damascus Countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Other army units killed a number of terrorists and injured others in Um Batenah, Rasem al-Khawaled, Mumtaneh and al-Samadaniyeh al- Sharqiyeh in Quneitra countryside.

Army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings in Daraa and its countryside and destroyed their vehicles, weapons, and ammunition.

The army killed a number of terrorists and injured others when targeting their hideouts and gatherings to the north of the old Customs building, to the west of al-Sa’eliyeh reservoir in al-Yarmouk district, and around Um al-Daraj tank in Daraa al-Balad.

The army units also destroyed terrorists’ vehicles with all the terrorists on board, killing others in the villages of Inkhel, Khirbet al-Mutawaq and Tal al-Mutawaq al-Kabir in Daraa countryside.

Units of the armed forces killed and wounded many terrorists in several neighborhoods of Aleppo and its countryside, destroying a number of their vehicles.

Units of the armed forces eliminated a number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles after targeting their gatherings in the Free Zone, Um al-Qura, Abla, al-Busha, al-Sahhara, al-Inzarat, Bab al-Hadid, al-Sakhour neighborhood, al-Mansoura, al-Sakan al-Shababi, and in the farms of al-Mallah, al-Liyramoun, Hritan and in al-Na’na’ai in Aleppo and its countryside.

Terrorists were also eliminated in the surrounding of al-Salihin roundabout in Aleppo, while two of their cars equipped with heavy machineguns were destroyed and all terrorists inside them were killed.


A child killed, citizens injured by terrorist attacks in Damascus and Sweida

A child was killed and a number of citizens were injured by a terrorist mortar attack in Jaramana city in Damascus Countryside.

A source at the Police command told SANA that two mortar shells, fired by terrorists, fell on the area surrounding al-Seyiuf Square and Municipality building, claiming a life of a child and injuring three others, causing material damage to a number of shops and cars.

Meanwhile, another terrorist attack left five citizens injured in Sweida.

A source at the Police command told SANA reporter that terrorists, who were driving motorcycles opened fire on a bus for transporting passengers in Dama village between Daraa and Sweida provinces, injuring five citizens.

The injured citizens were admitted to the National Hospital in Sweida for treatment.

A house and 2 cars were damaged in a terrorist mortar attack on the residential area of  Ruken Eddin in Damascus on Wednesday.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that terrorists fired a mortar shell on a house in residential building near Ibn al-Nafis Bakery in Ruken Eddin area, causing material damage to the house and 2 cars, but no casualties were reported.

Terrorists also  targeted the neighborhoods of al-Abbasieen, al-Amarah and East of al-Tejarah with several mortar shells, killing a child and injuring 7 other citizens, among them a girl.

The terrorist attack caused material damage to 3 houses and a number of cars.

Meanwhile, many citizens were killed and scores others were injured, most of them children and women, in a series of terrorist attacks on Damascus neighborhoods.


Video News by Syrian National Television

Military Reports by S.A.N.A. – Bashar Mousa/Mazen Eyon

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