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Mosul – On Friday, the Council of Nineveh Province announced the killing of 100 Yazidi civilians and the kidnapping of scores of women from one of the Yazidi villages besieged in Sinjar district, west of Mosul, by the gunmen of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, after they refused to convert Islam.

The head of the Kurdistan List in the province of Nineveh, Seydou Sinjari said, in an interview for IraqiNews.com, that “the militants of ISIL killed nearly 100 Yazidi civilian residents of the village of Kojo, located south of the center of Sinjar,” pointing out that “dozens of girls and women abducted from the village and taken to an unknown location in the district of Tal Afar.”

Sinjari added that ”the attack of ISIL on the village of Kojo came when the Yazidi residents refused to convert to the Islamic religion,” noting that “the militants of ISIL had given to the villagers a deadline of four days to convert to Islam or choose death.”


SOURCE: Iraqi News – 15/8/2014

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