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Israel refuses to allow human rights organizations to probe war on Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the military to resume airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Renewed Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza city and Beit Lahiya in the Gaza Strip Tuesday evening ahead of the expiration of a hard-won truce at 2100 GMT.

The strikes were ordered by Netanyahu in response to alleged rocket fire from the impoverished region.

The Israeli military claims that three rockets have landed on open ground in Beersheva area, without causing casualties.

Palestinian resistance fighters have not yet made any comments.

Meanwhile, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are engaged in indirect truce talks in Cairo. (Israel has ordered their negotiators back).

The Palestinian side says Israel is bringing up new demands that would undermine the discussions. The Eygpt-brokered talks started last week, following a month-long Israeli war on Gaza.

At least 2,016 Palestinians, including 541 children, 250 women and 95 elderly men, have lost their lives so far and as many as 10,196 others have suffered injuries in the Israeli attacks.

UN Mideast envoy, Robert Serry, told the UN Security Council on Monday that the Gaza Strip has suffered an “unprecedented amount of destruction” as a result of Israel’s offensive against the coastal enclave, calling for an end to the Israeli siege of Gaza.

A panel appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council is expected to start investigating the crimes committed by Israel in its war on Gaza.

Experts and analysts believe that the international community should pursue the prosecution of Israel and all governments that have given the Zionist regime a hand in committing crimes against Palestinians in Gaza.

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