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syria-saa gains

The Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces” conducted a successful operation to liberate the integral village of Jbeileh near the Aleppo Central Prison. The Tiger Forces, led by their commander Lt. Soheil Al-Hassan, besieged the village, killing a number of Ahrar Al-Sham militants before declaring the village under SAA control. Jbeileh was an Ahrar Al-Sham stronghold used to launch attacks on the Aleppo Central Prison; its capture provides the Syrian Arab Army breathing room in the area.

At the Handarat Palestinian Camp, the Syrian Air Force targeted Islamic Front bases inside the camp, destroying numerous I.F. installments. The Handarat District remains besieged by the Syrian Army, with clashes intensifying over the three days. Meanwhile, at Saffahiyah in the Old City, the Syrian Arab Army has advanced near the Grand Umayyad Mosque, pushing the Islamic Front forces east.

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syria reinforcements

This Just In: Syrian Arab Army Reinforcements Pouring Into Morek

A large convoy of reinforcements arrived in Morek from Hama City to continue the offensive in this strategic town on the border of Idlib. Soldiers from the 3rd Army Corps arrived just in time to thwart a potential counter-offensive by the Islamic Front; who, two months ago, captured the integral city of Khan Sheikhoun, north of Morek. As the fighting ensues, SAA Armored Brigades will try to breakthrough the I.F. frontline

The Islamic Front’s  success is attributed, in large part, to their anti-tank missiles they have received from the west. These missiles were first seen during the Syrian Arab Army’s Qalamoun Offensive in December of 2013. The weapon is specifically known as the TOW and they have become prevalent in the Hama campaign.