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Daesh Takfiri Mercenaries for Eretz Israhell

I have been saying for 3 years now, who the ILLEGITIMATE dirtbags are trying to oust the LEGITIMATE Government of the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED President Bashar al-Assad. Many “charity” ran organizations have collected tons of money from US citizens, as well as others wishing to oust President al-Assad.

Here are 6 of my videos videos from back in 2012 and forward showing who (going back and fourth into Turkey), the players are cooperating with the US government in this war on President Bashar al-Assad. These are the US/Saudi/Qatar/Turkey created “opposition,” the “moderate rebels.”

They do NOT represent Syria in any way shape or form

First, these illegitimate bastard children, residing now in Turkey, the US, and everywhere BUT Syria, collected money by the BILLIONS from the gulf states and all, to fund their FAKE Arab Spring with the blessing of the US government. Even auctioning off their own children in Saudi to become suicide bombers in Syria. Although the US would never acknowledge such acts because they love and can use the sick and twisted US/Saudi relationship they have.

Regardless, this massacring of Syrians at the hands of the people the USA/Saudi/Qatar regard as a “legitimate opposition” has went on long enough with the west staying silent on the facts.

The west is merely ran by a bunch of power hungry land/resource grabbers who refuse to report facts as they are, even though the rest of the world can see them clearly. So, let me spell out some MORE facts for those who acknowledge truth in the west, exposing corporate greed of the military industrial complex hell bent on starting WW3. The west is so concerned about ousting the legitimate, democratically elected Dr Bashar al-Assad that they have actually trained, armed, funded and shown all support for ISIS so long as they stay in Syria. As soon as they move to the oil region of Iraq (where the US has military bases and control), the west works (bombs their path), to reroute them back to Syria.

Jihad cash

FSA terrorists with cash and who knows what in bags

So what exactly has the millions or billions of dollars done (besides buy suicide bombers of fake Wahhabi believing Muslims)? Well, some of it has went to build the “Syrian Future Movement” home. Formerly known as a charity called “Suriyeder.org.”, they are an organization owned by Telekomunikasyon Ticaret Ltd, at Ergenekon Cad. Saksi SK NO: 13/5 in Istanbul Turkey, province SiSLi, ran by Zaher SAATi complete with non-Syrians, ex-Syrians, traitors of Syrians claiming to be Syrians! These people, and the fighters they can muster up are what John McCain call the “moderate rebels” which have actually merged with ISIS long ago to become a single force fighting the people of Syria, and the military that defends their homeland.

Dr.Zaher Badaraany

American Arab Dr. Zaher Ihssan Badaraany


The president of this movement is a US/Saudi/Qatar/Turkey appointed American Arab named Dr. Zaher Ihssan Badaraany (with ties to Saudi and Qatar), who now lives in Florida USA.

He travels back and fourth to Istanbul Turkey with his wife Abir Z. Badaranny to meet up with his illegitimate buddies who think they have a future running Syria FROM TURKEY!. Living his safe life in the US (unlike Syrians live in Syria), this sick twisted individual attended the American International Academy for Media Studies in California City, California in the United States, he claims. He does NOT have the best interest of Syrians in mind, as much as he has promoting the Saudi/Qatar brand of Wahhabism on all peoples of Syria.


Dr. Zaher Ihssan Badaraany and his wife Abir


Untitled 11605

Above, here he is in the United States, in Miami Beach Florida (not too far from his home), supporting the illegitimate FSA movement.

Below is a video of himself and his wife handing out propaganda for the FSA and roses in Turkey. I wonder how many knew he was an American? He is no more than a propaganda tool for the United States. They would like to see just how many they can convince of his false identity, and false claims. After all, to attempt to take over a country requires a deceiver of the people, and this dirtbag seems to fit the bill for the US.

Here he is in Qatar in front of the mosque of Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab in Qatar.

The religious sect that wants to reverse the hands of time, and take the country back to stonings, beheadings, and the barbaric way of life Arabs have been fighting against for centuries. VERY far away from “democracy,” Wahhabism should be completely outlawed everywhere in the world. They breed haters of any who do not believe as they do. They are fake Muslims, and have no tolerance of anyone. I would go so far as to say they do not even live by the Qur’an, but by the word of man.

in Qatar

This man has MANY facebook pages, youtube channels as well as other social media sites. He has many friends working to promote his wickedness against the people of Syria for the benefit of the United States, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. A GOOGLE search of his name, and contact information is a good place to see them.


In my next article, I will expose the players he associates with, and what role they will play in his/their vision of the future of Syria. You will meet some traitors of Syria as well! Stay tuned to see those tied to him!


NevaehWest, 5 Sept. 2014

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