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These barbaric crimes must be stopped immediately and their perpetrators completely eliminated from the face of the earth (…that is the work in progress conducted by the Syrian Arab Army)

A young Yazidi lady from the village of Kojo near Sinjar in northern Iraq speaks about her experience when mercenary terrorist gangs from Daesh-ISIL invaded her village.

She describes how they treated the residents and what seems to be the execution of a large number of men.

Daesh terrorists stole all their belongings and took young girls as captives. Their leader would choose three girls, at a time, to rape and then sell in the slave market.

She was able to escape during the night when the place in Mosul where she was detained with other women was not properly guarded.

displaced Iraqi girl from the Yazidi community

displaced Iraqi girl from the Yazidi community


Original Source of Video: Ishtar TV (Iraq)

Video Reported With Subtitles by Eretz Zen

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