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ISIS injured militant in Turkish state hospitals

According to Turkish Aydinlik daily, ISIS has set up a number of field hospitals in areas under its control in eastern Syrian city of Al-Riqqa and western Iraq is using camouflage to hide them from aerial surveillance.

Many ISIS former patients whom were treated in those field hospitals and later imprisoned by Iraqi army have confirmed the information indicating the existence of Turkish medical teams in ISIS controlled areas, reported Aydinlik newspaper.

A patient, who spoke on condition of anonymity, stated that there are many Turkish doctors and nurses are serving in ISIS hospitals.

Meanwhile many Turkish lawmakers accuse the Turkish administration of providing assistance to ISIS in its struggle against the Syrian government of President Assad.

Earlier critics of Turkish government accused AKP administration of then Prime Minister Erdoghan of allowing ISIS militants to find safe havens inside Turkish territories and also there were reports revealing stories about injured ISIS members receiving free medical treatments in in Hatay State Hospital.


Özkes, an important Turkish opposition figure, also said the order to host the militants in Turkish hospitals or sending Turkish medical team to Iraq and Syria was given by interior minister Muammer Güler in a circular sent to the Hatay Governor’s Office, which openly demanded assistance for ISIS fighters.

Özkes alleges that official documents reveal ISIS fighters were brought by the MİT (Turkish Intelligence Service) to fight against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

“It is important to provide the necessary support for the intelligence officers on the issue of assisting the fighters of ISIS, including Tunisians and Chechens, who have been brought [here] under the supervision of the MİT to fight against the SAA, crossing the borders to Syria and complying with the confidentiality of the matter,” the document reads.



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