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Raqqa (Syria) – The Bosniac-Austrian girl Sabina Selimovic (15 yo) was considered dead.

But now the stupid girl answers to be just happily pregnant!

The alleged death notice the very young Bosiac ‘jihadi’ Sabina Selimovic (15 yo) went through the international press.

“None of us died”, Sabina insists on its Internet profiles. Should be with her the jihadi-girl-friend Samra Kesinovic (16 yo) traveling to Syria for the Sex-jihad.

The Austrian Ministry of the Interior check the facts using foreign intelligence reports . Also, via Interpol , the two are wanted.

Whether Sabina was actually killed or not , is unclear. Yesterday, an Islamist groups have reported the death of Sabina. Sabina and her jihadi-girl-friend Samra Kesinovic (16 yo) are not the only people from Austria who joined the barbarian killers of daesh-IS.

The two young girls, 15 and 16 yo, kids, had traveled on April via Turkey to Syria . There, they were joined by some pedophiles fanatics of Daesh-ISIS.

Both apparently ‘married’ soon with jihadist pedophiles, now indicated Sabina (on the social networks and on the Newspapers Heute and Blick.ch) to even be pregnant..

At Sabinas Facebook page the two girls show proudly their new life: they have a pedophile terrorist who takes care of them, a jihadist mercenary of Chechen origins, Abu Sayfullah.

Happy pedo-jihad!!!


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