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Senator Richard Black-20140917

U.S. Senator Richard Black

U.S. Senator Richard Black thanks President Bashar Hafez al-Assad for saving Syrian Christians from barbarian jihadists.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should be lauded for his efforts to protect Christians from the radical militants of the Islamic State, according to Virginia State Sen. Richard Black.

In May, the Republican wrote a letter to the Syrian leader, openly thanking his army and air force for providing protection from jihadists.

As the IS threat grows, the senator believes showing support for the Assad is becoming even more important.

RT’s Ameera David spoke to Black to get his anti-“groupthink” take on the crisis.



Former Rep. Ron Paul on America’s “foolhardy” ISIS strategy

The US should back out of the Middle East and let Syria and Iran destroy the Islamic State, according to former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

In an interview with RT’s Erin Ade, the libertarian and activist called American policy towards ISIS “foolhardy,” and also warned that the country is now approaching the 30 year mark of war in the Middle East with no tangible benefits.

RT’s Manila Chan and Reema Abu Hamdieh take a look at Paul’s remarks and discuss the strategy against ISIS.



John McCain admits he met with Daesh-ISIL

Zionist neocon John McCain admits on Fox News that he met with ISIS, and has an “intimate” relationship with them.


SOURCE: RT America  +  Mike Wayne

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