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There is no limit to the cynical sadism and cruelty in killing the Syrian people, with Israeli-American directing and in total silence and complicity of the global media


Idleb: 15 Syrian children killed, and others injured, by spoiled vaccines administered by the so-called “Coalition”, the gang of cannibals and moderate terrorists supported by the Obama administration.

Fifteen children died and scores others suffered suffocation in areas east of Maaret al-Nou’man in Idleb countryside, the health ministry said on Thursday.

The deaths and suffocation happened after the so-called opposition’s “Coalition,” aided and abetted by the Turkish authorities, administered measles vaccines to the children. The circumstances of the incident remain unclear.

“The ministry condemns in no uncertain terms the inhumane practices of the Coalition and its Turkish backers, and everyone involved in this tragedy,” said the Ministry in a statement, denouncing the facilitation and distribution of internationally-controlled vaccines and medicine which wind down in the hands of persons and groups who are “clueless as to the simplest rules of medicine as a profession and medical work” which it described as a breach of international law and the principles and conventions guiding international relations.

“This, however, puts at risk the locals in these areas due to the dangers of the unsafe usage of medicine and vaccines, and jeopardizes public health,” added the statement.

The ministry warned the locals living in areas adjacent to the Turkish frontier from taking any medicine or vaccines which the Turkish authorities deliver, stressing that it will pull out all the stops to deliver medicine and vaccines to the locals in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent organization and the international health organizations in Syria.

Vaccinating children requires that the medics who administer vaccines meet certain technical standards and conditions, and have the skills and expertise necessary for the job.

The ministry urged the international community to denounce the “unethical and inhumane” stance of one of the Coalition’s representatives in Gaziantep who “showed reprehensible immorality vis-à-vis this tragedy” by promising financial compensations for the children’s families.

“No financial compensation or honeyed talk can make amends for this loss or heal the wounds of bereaved mothers,” the ministry stated in its statement.

The ministry urged international health organizations to condemn this tragedy and investigate its circumstances as to prevent such reckless acts being repeated, demanding that the health ministry’s immunization campaigns and efforts to reach all affected areas be supported.

The ministry underscored keenness to protect children’s health by launching periodical vaccination campaigns and dispatching immunization teams and vaccines to the “hotspots” across the country.


Syrian Foreign Ministry:
“International community should condemn this hideous crime of injecting children with spoiled vaccines in Idleb countryside”

Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Thursday sent two identical letters to UN Secretary General and President of Security Council on a crime committed through connivance of illusive health institutions, linked to armed terrorist organizations, in cooperation with the Turkish authorities, claiming the lives of 15 children in Ma’arat al-Numan in Idleb countryside.

The said health institutions injected the children with rotten, spoiled and poisoned vaccines against measles.

The Ministry added that this catastrophe, committed by leaders of the armed terrorist organizations and their supporters of the Turkish authorities, requires from the international community a clear condemnation of this heinous crime and the flagrant violation of the international law and human rights.

The letter affirmed that Syria, in cooperation with the World Health Organization and other international health agencies, has carried out tens of vaccination campaigns which were crowned with success.

“Syria, while condemning that ugly crime perpetrated against Syrian innocent children, asserts once again its commitment to meet its obligations, particularly those related to protecting the child’s rights, and to spare no efforts to deliver the medical needs to the families in the Syrian regions bordering Turkey…these regions which are plagued with the existence of armed terrorist organizations,” The Ministry said.

It added that the Syrian Government calls on the UN to stick to its commitments, particularly those enlisted in resolution No.2165 for 2014 in which the international humanitarian agencies should instruct the Syrian government of any plans and activities before following up ways through the conflict routes.

“In light of the humanitarian response plan for 2014, the UN agencies have to do organized monitoring on the humanitarian response which meets the international and Syrian standards in health sector,” The latter went on.

It added that the unsafe usage of the medicine and vaccines which are banned to be taken without international accepted recipes, poses a threat to the Syrian families in those regions.

The Foreign Ministry called on the UN to investigate and punish those who were responsible for this catastrophe, including the Turkish officials who have facilitated this crime which would be classified as a crime against humanity.


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from SANA (Manal Ismael/Hazem Sabbagh/Mazen Eyon)