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The US accuses Syria once again of the use of poison gas. This time it would be about chlorine gas. It has become practically impossible to be serious about every argument that comes from America and the Main Stream Media. The country that proved capable to carry out a terrorist attack on home soil themselves; the country that started ‘the war on terror‘, but caused the world’s largest terror; the country that created Al Qaeda themselves, financed, trained and armed them. I can go on with the long list. Anyone who has not yet understood that ISIS is again created by the CIA/Mossad is visibly blind. Then you just do not want to see. Not only are the ISIS beheading videos obviously fake, but also it is already shown that ISIS is armed and trained by the us again.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate officially agrees to arming and training rebels who have to combat ISIS (Islamic State). It was casually mentioned that these same fighters also have to go fight the Syrian president Bashar Assad’s troops. Lies! ISIS is already an American mercenary army since their creation and is just a front for the attacks on Syria (and probably Iran). That shows, for example, from the media coverage from Syria itself. The SyrianFreePress blog reports that Syrian troops have killed dozens of ISIS fighters and have taken weapons and ammunition. ISIS was founded with the same objective as to which Al Qaeda was turned to after 9/11. They must energize the terror threat on own soil (NATO) and in the meantime it is a mercenary army that is presented to the outside world as the enemy. Clever isn’t it? It’s just a little difficult to see through it, but the astute readers of this site will know by now. Also Al Qaeda has regularly acted as mercenary army for the West after 9/11. Libya is the most clear example of this. America and all its affiliated countries hide behind the most heinous form of trickery and deceit.

Now there is again talk of a poison gas attack submitted by Syrian troops. Previously we saw these allegations and then it was proven that the poison gas attacks could not have been done by Syrian troops, but were done by the rebels. Of course, this will not appear in the Dutch media. They only report on something that comes from official lying bodies like the UN. The UN is nothing but an umbrella club that produces Zionist New World Order lies. The current poison gas charges of the U.S. to Syria cannot be taken seriously by anyone. We saw such false accusations earlier in Syria, but also in Iraq false pretences were used to sell a war to the general public. Also we saw earlier how the BBC used a stock photo of journalist Marco di Lauro to have a large row of body bags to show in Syria to illustrate alleged mass murder by Syrian troops in 2012. The photographer was completely flabbergasted when he saw the picture because he knew he had taken that picture in 2003 in Iraq. In fact we cannot trust anything coming from the Main Stream Media and the big press agencies. Images can also be manufactured or manipulated. As Hollywood can, the producers behind the psyop propaganda can too. I recommend you to look at the movie ‘Wag the Dog‘.

The mainstream media have been proven propagandistic and proven to be lying to the bone. It takes a healthy dose of research urge and clear thinking ability to understand that the West creates its own wars with the aim of throwing the world in total exhaustion. The line ‘problem – reaction – solution‘ should eventually lead to settling total world domination. Subsidiary objective is a hefty reduction in the number of people on Earth. A lot of war and a firmly Ebola virus will help achieve that goal. Pay attention to Australia in the meantime, because chances are that the next ‘inside job’ in the name of ISIS will take place there.


SOURCE: by Zjozjo Martinvrijland

Source link entriesInfowars.comVeteransTodayInfowars.comSyrianFreePress, RT.comRT.com


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