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After the intervention of Putin at the UN … Foreign Minister al-Moallem received letter from US counterpart informing him that the US will target ISIS positions in Syria…

Damascus – Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs said “After Syria’s confirmations on many occasions that it is ready to cooperate in combating terrorism in the framework of the full respect of its national sovereignty, and after many countries agreed on the necessity of respecting the UN Charter which affirms respecting the countries’ sovereignty and their territorial integrity, Syria’s permanent representative to the UN was informed on Monday that the US and some of its allies will target the terrorist organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” ISIS” in Syria hours before launching the airstrikes.”

In a press statement on Tuesday, the Ministry added ” Yesterday, Minister of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs Walid al-Moallem received a letter from his American counterpart delivered by the Iraqi Foreign Minister in which he informed him that “The US will target the positions of the ISIS terrorist organization, some of which are in Syria.”

The Ministry continued “The Syrian Arab Republic affirms that it has been and it is still fighting the ISIS in Raqqa and Deir Ezzour and other areas, and it will not stop fighting it in cooperation with the countries which are directly or indirectly affected by it, on top of which the brotherly country of Iraq…In this framework, Syria affirms that coordination between the two countries is ongoing and on highest levels to fight terrorism in implementation of the international resolution No. 2170 which was unanimously passed by the UN Security Council.”

The Ministry concluded the statement by saying ” Announcing for the second time that it is standing with any international efforts in the framework of combating and fighting terrorism regardless of its names such as Jabhat al-Nusra and the ISIS, the Syrian Arab Republic asserts that this must be done with completely preserving the lives of innocent civilians and in the framework of the national sovereignty and according to the international pacts.”


Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem:
US pushes own agenda while fighting terror

September 22, 2014 – Russian President Vladimir Putin and UN Secretary General in a telephone call have exchanged views on the joint efforts of the international community to fight ISIS. The Russian side stressed that airstrikes on terrorist bases should not be carried out without the consent of the Syrian government.


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