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B52 and B2 bombers to be used on Syria

America deployed 15 B52 bombers and an unknown number of B2 bombers to Syria.

This means one thing, the only goal is to totally annihilate Syria.

This was not about ISIS at all, such warplanes are not used for taking out dissident groups, they have the sole purpose of annihilating nations and the deployment of these planes proves beyond all doubt that Washington lied about ISIS (but anyone awake enough to find a site like this one does not need to be told that).

A USAF F-15 airplane hit a modular refinery in Syria, Wednesday, the Central Command of the US Army said in a statement. A projectiles launched from the plane hit the Jeribe West Modular refinery and Mayadin modular refinery, reportedly destroying the facilities.

America bombed 12 or more oil refineries in Syria

This, in conjunction with the deployment of long range super bombers is cold hard proof it was never about ISIS at all.

The claim is that ISIS controlled the facilities and was using them for revenue, but reality was that Syria was letting oil go for $40 a barrel and someone with a last name beginning with R did not like that. So now the truth is on the table, – Obama, the “peace prize” president had a goal of destroying Syria all along, and spawned whatever fraud it took to provide the faintest of cover for yet another murderous fraud war.

Washington says that the strikes are being carried out so that oil facilities remain largely intact and can possibly be used again in the future. However, the missiles and weaponry used in the operation has prompted concerns that this will be unlikely.

Simultaneously with all of this, the Jewish community has flooded all the blogs and forums with hate speech about how violent Muslims are, how many children they rape, and whatever else they can come up with all the way down to molesting tamales and putting it on the Muslims, when in fact Muslims have done nothing of substance in the way of aggression or filth in any way shape matter or form AT ALL.

But here again, anyone able to find a web site like this one knows enough of the truth to realize that the Jews will spawn any lie to get anyone to hate anyone, so anyone will attack anyone over anything the Jew comes up with, and then destroy whoever the Jew wants destroyed. It is the lowest of filth, I really cannot see how they can go through life with that kind of filth smeared all over them.

But then again, evil becomes comfortable with itself after a while, and if people who are aware of that evil sit around and do nothing about it (which at this point requires direct physical action directly against the perpetrators) those who do nothing are as much to blame for it as those doing it.

However, I really think countless people have tried to do something about it, only to be discovered by the NSA and murdered by the CIA. Bank on it, legitimate dissent and the ability to do what is right is probably a fantasy now. Certainly with the spy apparatus as huge as it is now, lone Robin Hoods with an ability to keep their mouths shut are the only thing left that could possibly do anything to directly curtail evil at this point.

By Jim Stone


SOURCE: http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/

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