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A jihadist leader (Islamic Front) and former officer of Syrian Air Forces, Abdel-Salaam Hamideh, has been killed, by the Syrian Air Forces themselves, during an air raid of Khan Al-Assal (Aleppo Governate).

Hamideh defected from the Syrian Air Force in 2011, after been nominated colonel.

Military sources in Aleppo said that around 20 other traitor mercenaries were killed along with Hamideh, due to an airstrike by a jet of the Syrian Forces which targeted an armored convoy that was fleeing from the city of Khan Al-Assal.

The Syrian Air Forces destroyed also many dens of different terrorist’s gangs denominations in the village of Sobheihiyeh, a few kilometers from Al-Safira, a city controlled by the Syrian Arab Army.

Others 10 terrorist militants were killed in different military operations, included Yousif Al-Ghawi, a terrorist boss that was a criminal wanted from a long time by the authorities.

The Syrian Air Force destroyed also a mercenary terrorists hideout and their self-propelled artillery.

Military sources reported that in the western countryside of Hama, the Syrian Arab Army (‘Tiger Forces’ Special Units) entered the strategic village of Al-Lataminah, killing scores of armed terrorists.


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