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Begg has a blindspot that is not credible, over continuing Brit Genocide

~  By  Brian  Haw  at  Brianhaw.tv  ~  3 October 2014

The latest Begg propaganda has nothing to do with newly found ‘documents’ and everything to do with the need to change the propaganda -because- of the illegal US led airstrikes in Syria.

Our campaign can often give chapter and verse from our own very long experience, of the fact that the reality of what the British government really do, is very far removed from the propaganda that filters through the prism of a far from free ‘news’ media.

The latest Guardian propaganda is supposed to dispel the idea that overthrowing the Syrian government is illegal.

I am not pleased to say that my own 48 unlawful arrests and false imprisonments, along with several spells in Holloway Prison, along with over 80 failed and malicious ‘prosecutions’ by the Brit State over seven years, does very sadly give one quite an unusual ‘insight’ into what the Brit State really do.

My own experience is not one that I would wish on anyone else.

(You would be correct in concluding that what happened to me, was able to happen -because- there was a complete absence of what any reasonable person would call proper legal representation, when there was indeed any legal representation, which most often there was not)

What is absolutely clear however, is that the ghastly Moazzam Begg has by contrast been a collaborator, working very closely with the British government, to illegally overthrow (for example) the Syrian government.

And even worse, so called British ‘human rights’ lawyers, Birnberg Peirce, have been acting illegally in conspiring with the British government to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.


Defence case corroborated as documents revealed agency told Begg he could continue work for opposition in Syria ‘unhindered’

Ian Cobain and Randeep Ramesh

The Guardian, Thursday 2 October 2014 20.58 BST

Documents handed to the CPS show Moazzam Begg was in contact with MI5 before and after his trips to Syria.[via which border crossing ? and helped by whom ?]

The terrorism case against former Guantánamo inmate Moazzam Begg collapsed after MI5 belatedly handed over to police and prosecutors a series of documents that detailed the agency’s extensive contacts with him before and after his trips to Syria, the Guardian has learned.

The documents included minutes of meetings that MI5 officers and the agency’s lawyers held with Begg, at which he discussed his travel plans and explained that he was assisting opposition fighters in their war against Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

On seeing the material, Crown prosecutors realised that it corroborated Begg’s defence case: he insists that he had always been perfectly candid with MI5, and says that the agency had assured him that no attempt would be made to hinder him if he wanted to return to Syria.

Begg’s lawyers had disclosed that the meetings had taken place earlier this year during a hearing in open court during which they made an unsuccessful attempt to secure Begg’s release on bail.

On Wednesday prosecutors told an Old Bailey judge that they had “recently become aware of relevant material”, and would be offering no evidence against Begg. The judge formally entered not guilty pleas on all seven of the terrorism charges that Begg was facing, and he was freed from Belmarsh high-security prison in south London a few hours later.

While Begg and his lawyers were not told anything about the contents of the previously secret material that secured his release, it is now clear that police and prosecution lawyers involved with the case are angry that the documents were disclosed to them after Begg had spent several months in prison on remand.

A source with knowledge of the affair said they believed the material should have been handed over at the start of the investigation. The Crown Prosecution Service says that had it possessed the material, Begg would not have been charged.

Begg’s assets remain frozen, however, and he has no access to his bank account, as a result of an order that was issued by the Treasury after he had been charged with terrorism offences. Similar orders have been imposed on Cage, the London-based pressure group through which Begg campaigned on behalf of terrorism suspects who have been denied legal rights. Treasury sources indicated on Thursday that the order would not automatically be lifted as a result of his acquittal.

Begg, 46, spent Thursday with his family in Birmingham and consulting with his lawyers. Associates say that he is considering whether to bring legal action against MI5. He has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of his three-year incarceration without charge in Bagram Prison and Guantánamo after 9/11, during which time he was tortured. His time in Belmarsh is understood to have exacerbated this condition.

After the Syrian civil war broke out in March 2011, Begg made several trips to the country, most recently in December 2012. While there he investigated reports of US and UK rendition operations and interviewed former prisoners of the Assad regime.

However, he maintains that during this time he had been in close contact with the intelligence services, keeping them abreast of his plans. The contacts began after he alleged in a blog on Cage’s website that during a trip to Syria in July 2012 he had uncovered MI5’s role in intercepting a phone call by a British Libyan dissident who lived in Syria. British spies were alleged to have then informed Assad’s secret police, which led to the man being rendered to Libya.

In a subsequent blog, Begg said a few months after he had made this allegation, he had been approached by an MI5 officer “who said they wanted to talk to me about my views on the situation in Syria”.

“I told them that they must be aware that I was investigating several leads regarding British and American complicity in rendition and torture in Syria. They called back after consulting with their lawyers and said they understood that and would still like to meet. I agreed to speak to them and meet at a hotel in East London. Both MI5 and me had our lawyers present.”

[In reality, in legal terms this is an admission, that lawyers on all ‘sides’ were in agreement about and actively involved in illegally overthrowing the Syrian government]

In the meeting Begg said MI5 were concerned about “the possibility of Britons in Syria being radicalised and returning to pose a potential threat to national security. I told them that Britain had nothing to worry about, especially since British foreign policy, at the time, seemed in favour of the rebels.”

Begg then says he was “assured by MI5” that he could return to Syria and continue his work “unhindered”. However a year later the situation in Syria – and the UK’s position – had become more complicated with Islamic fighters eclipsing the secular Free Syrian Army in the battle against Assad.

[Birnberg Peirce have not only not been acting impartially. They have been acting unlawfully, regarding attempts to illegally overthrow the Syrian government]

Begg’s passport was seized when he was stopped at Heathrow last December on returning from a trip to South Africa. “It was assessed my previous visits to Syria had constituted involvement in terrorism,” he wrote. “No explanation other than that was given.” Two months later he was arrested and charged with terrorism offences.

Amandla Thomas-Johnson, spokesperson for Cage, said: “Moazzam has been clear and transparent about his trip to Syria and the events surrounding it and even wrote about his meeting with MI5 months before he was arrested. It’s important we understand why this evidence came to light in the last couple of months. British security services have already played a part in his detention and torture. Has their late disclosure now led to him languishing unnecessarily in jail for months?


MI5 were clearly recruiting so called Brit Jihadis through Begg and Cage Prisoners all along.


CAGE [formerly Cage Prisoners] has noticed with increasing worry the steady criminalisation by the UK authorities of those who have demonstrated an interest in assisting the oppressed people of Syria. A growing number of people are being raided and arrested for participating in aid convoys. Many have been harassed by the security services for expressing political opinions on the future of Syria. Others have had their passports confiscated or citizenship revoked. New policy measures have been introduced encouraging mothers and wives to spy on their sons and husbands.

In order to assess the full scale of the attempts being made to criminalise any lawful activity related to Syria, CAGE needs your assistance. Criminalisation can take many forms such as the following:

  • Raiding  your home or premises
  • – Arresting you
  • – Detaining and questioning you under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act at an airport or ferry port
  • – Confiscating your passport
  • – Revoking your citizenship
  • – Harassment by the security services (Special Branch, MI5) and PREVENT officers

If you have been criminalised in this way because of Syria, please call Fahad Ansari on or email fahad@cageuk.org.

Our in-house legal team will be able to advise you in relation to your rights and entitlements and other matters relating to your situation.

All information provided will be handled carefully and treated with the strictest of confidentiality and sensitivity [by MI5]

Don’t be a victim. Fight your criminalisation.[The Brit State wants you to fight in Syria]


In legal terms, the question is not that posed by Greenwald over criminalizing those trying to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.

The real legal questions are over the fact the Brit government were actively recruiting British people, through the likes of Cage Prisoners, to illegally overthrow the Syrian government. 


The UK Stop the War Coalition are also active in the whole network of recruiting Brit ‘Jihadis’ to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.










roland.phillips@tsol.gsi.gov.uk; james.spybey@tsol.gsi.gov.uk






Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2013 13:06:30 +0100


The former French Foreign Secretary has publicly made a statement that the British Government intended to overthrow the Syrian government for political reasons, long before there was civil unrest (fomented by the British) in Syria.

“…Britain had been preparing gunmen to invade Syria two years before the crisis there flared up in 2011…”

I attach the video of his public statement.


Clearly his statement has very grave and serious legal implications.

We would like written confirmation that the U.K government will make a Full statement in the House of Commons over why the UK government has clearly misled the U.K people and the International Community.

We expect that statement would include an announcement of a public inquiry.

We would also expect the U.K government to publicly provide a written assurance that the U.K government will under no circumstances, now supply, to anyone, any weapons that could be used in Syria.

In addition following a public inquiry it is expected that the U.K will need to provide substantial reparations for the serious harm already caused to Syrian people, by the U.K government.

The written response by email, of the U.K government, is required as a matter of urgency.

Babs Tucker
Parliament Square Peace Campaign


 Begg’s so called lawyers Birnberg Peirce are from our own very real experience, the most dreadful apologists for Genocide, who at the very best, might on occasion, be moved to be ambulance chasers, in a civil claim, but certainly not from anyone from our campaign.

It is Beggs ‘case’ that makes it clear Birnberg Peirce who have known all along exactly what has been going on, have actually been actively supporting the Brit government plotting to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.

It is clear that Birnberg Peirce were at the meeting with MI5 where, in legal terms, it was very clear, what both MI5 and Begg were doing.

 The ‘report’ of this meeting that is supposed to give credibility to Begg and Birnberg Peirce, actually has quite the opposite effect, on any informed person, who properly considers what is the reality of what is an illegal war in Syria.

Birnberg Peirce’s carefully crafted image as ‘human rights’ lawyers is a most rotten fraud, I would dearly love to hold them to account over, in a court of law, before a jury, where they could never explain away the facts and evidence of their active complicity with the illegal activities of the British government against our own campaign.

The deliberately fraudulent nature of British ‘human rights’ lawyers over Brit Genocide did very much put our own lives at very real risk.

Our campaign does what it can -because- the bloody ‘human rights’ lawyers are not doing their jobs properly.

It is entirely unforgivable, that Birnberg Peirce were entirely complicit along with Bindmans Solicitors, in trying to keep covering up CCTV evidence of six members of the Brit TSG ‘riot’ police torturing and trying to attempt to murder me using positional asphyxiation in Belgravia Police Station in Central London on September 3rd and 4th 2009.

That very deliberate ‘failure’ of these phoney ‘human rights’ lawyers, continues to put our lives at very real risk to this day.

When your own ‘lawyers’  are so complicit in a government trying to murder you, they are in practical terms, of absolutely no use.

 Of course now Birnberg Peirce, have made it very clear precisely what sort of lawyers they really are.

Even Brian’s own doctors had assumed that Birnberg Peirce, who were so appalling at ‘representing’ him in 2010 & 2011, were lawyers for the British government, until it was pointed out they were supposed to be ‘lawyers’ acting for him.

Moazzam Begg’s own casual disregard for Syrian civilians lives, frankly so beggars belief, that the idea he is a devout Muslim, is about as credible as the devil himself claiming to be a Muslim.

Beggs apparent blind-spot to Brits long continuing Genocide, including in Syria, is simply not credible, as indeed much of his story has never been credible.

Mr Begg and the British government are between them, so dishonest, that one could personally very much doubt if Mr Begg has actually been sitting in any prison at all.

The whole ’news’ media stream over Begg very much also stinks to high heaven, of a quite typical attempt, to restore some credibility to the long ago and quite properly discredited Mr Begg & Cage Prisoners.

 I will not personally put a very many other innocent civilian’s lives at very real risk, by giving Begg who is very clearly a collaborator with mass murderers, in the Brit government, the benefit of any doubt.

 As for Birnberg Peirce, they have for a long time been under no illusion that we will do our very best to hold them to account too, before a jury in a court of law.





 Birnberg Peirce are among a number of supposedly ‘high profile’ London British ‘human rights’ lawyers, completely abusing their role as ‘lawyers’, to illegally act solely on behalf of the British government, not their client, unless their client, like Begg happens to be working for the British government.

 One example (below) involving a truly bizarre malicious prosecution the Mayor of London brought in 2010, involves Birnberg Peirce actively and knowingly illegally -concealing- the illegal activities of government agents, just like Begg (that it so happens, they actually witnessed themselves too).

 Birnberg Peirce publicly portrayed they were representing us, when actually they were very clearly working entirely against their own ‘clients’ interests, in very serious court proceedings, …and worse…in the full knowledge that they were doing it, so that the illegal use of government agents to try to harm us, could…continue !!

 This was one of a number of very serious abuses of their role as ‘lawyers’, when they knew that British government agents just like Begg, are just like the British government, they -all- really work for, so very clearly intending the murder of innocent civilians, in (for example) Syria, or as in our own case (below), in Parliament Square.

 The entire proceedings in the Mayor of London’s ultimately failed claim, was like entering a twilight zone.

 Once the government realized that Brian and I would defend the Mayor’s claim, the High Court became just a room full of endless governments agents, trying one after the other, to lamely play the role of ‘Democracy Village’…’protesters’ droning on with utter rubbish all day every day, for day after day, on the witness stand, to try to keep the ‘proceedings’ going, while violently attacking us at night.

 Ultimately I got them legally (incl. -ALL- the lawyers) when I pre-empted the inevitable ‘glossing’ over of the illegal use of agent provocateurs, by filing a still outstanding -counterclaim- over the same illegal use of pretty much the same agent provocateurs in related proceedings, by Westminster City Council in HQ11X00563, when WCC had to withdraw their part of the claim against me. Very sadly Brian had died during the course of this appallingly overwhelming abuse by state agents.


 From: babs tucker
brian haw; steve jago; stewartm@birnbergpeirce.co.uk; daviesc@birnbergpeirce.co.uk

Subject: LSC & LEGAL COMPLAINTS SERVICE: HQ10X01980 / HQ10X01981
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 21:33:39 +0100

dear lsc & legal complaints service,

in mayor of london v (3). barbara tucker and others.

on 21st june 2010, the court records show (and there are witnesses) that justice griffith williams (unlawfully) refused to allow me to give evidence etc in my defence that it is illegal to bring a prosecution through the use of (four) agent provocateurs who i named in court as Maria Gallestegui, Chris Coverdale, Simon Moore & “Friend”.

CC, SM & F were present in court.clearly i was legally entitled to give evidence that i had brought with me that they were agent provocateurs, and have at least CC, SM & F cross – examined, so that a proper judicial decision could be reached in public, on the facts, in a court, given this is a very serious matter, where my integrity and honesty ETC are actually being questioned, in what are very serious proceedings with very serious possible consequences.    

clearly a reasonable person would know that it is seriously illegal to bring any proceedings through the use of agent provocateurs and in such a situation evidence should be very carefully looked at and considered.

that failure to do so, apart from being extremely distressing, has placed me in what a reasonable person would understand to be a very serious disadvantage.

despite the seriousness of the situation, the following instructions in writing were then ignored by birnberg and doughty on 22nd june 2010.

1. “dear marcia, my instructions 2 u & paul r that the following FINAL submission in this case is made on my behalf this morn: art 6 has been breached & does apply 2 cpr 55 – client denied time & right to give evidence/produce witnesses & cross examine re: agent provocateurs in what r VERY SERIOUS proceedings AGAINST me in the HIGH COURT – then pls confirm appeal is immediately lodged 2daywith ca & stay sought of any subsequent ruling against me in hc – thanx – babs cc cyrillia & matt foot.”

2. “hi barbara. i just tried calling you. Not sure what you are saying? You have given us instructions. Please let us know if you dont want us to continue representing you?”

(clearly i am asking them to take instructions – not asking them to stop representing me)

3.”dear cyrillia, these r the instructions (to marcia and paul) that have not been followed – my instructions 2 u & paul r that the following FINAL submission in this case is made on my behalf this morn: art 6 has been breached & does apply 2 cpr 55 – client denied time & right to give evidence/produce witnesses & cross examine re: agent provocateurs in what r VERY SERIOUS proceedings AGAINST me in the HIGH COURT – then pls confirm appeal is immediately lodge 2daywith ca & stay sought of any subsequent ruling against me in hc.

4. “dear marcia – this is to confirm that i am instructing birnberg 2 tell the court 2morrow that birnberg refused 2 act on my instructions 2day & therefore i DO NOT give birnberg any permission 2 give any further submissions on my behalf bcoz u do not act 4 me (i consider that it is disgusting 4 the legal system 2 cover up over agent provocateurs SO THE ap’s CAN CARRY ON) – babs.”

birnberg have not confirmed re 4.

clearly birnberg did not want to (continue to) represent me but have failed to put this in writing.

i expect birnberg to tell the court 2morrow (23rd june 2010) that they have refused to take my instructions and i expect it to be made clear that birnberg and doughty have therefore through no fault of mine, chosen to withdraw. obviously i DO NOT give permission for birnberg/doughty to make ANY submissions “on my behalf” 2 morrow and obviously i will be unrepresented.

i also wish for birnberg and doughty to also make clear to the court on 23rd june 2010, that any submissions made by bindmans on behalf of their client – also – have nothing to do with/are not agreed by me.

my position really has not been “protected” (ridicuously, i am not even “allowed” to give evidence in my defence for goodness sakes) with the consequence that through no fault of my own, i will be unrepresented 2 morrow and for the rest of this ‘case’.

clearly CONFIRM in writing to me (by email is fine) that legal ‘aid’ is/will be/has been withdrawn forthwith from birnberg and doughty further representing me, such as on 23rd june 2010.

i also have not agreed the submissions made by a jan luba from garden court chambers – because the ‘title’ deed shows that the first registration of title in parliament square was not made until 19th february 2008 – which was AFTER the gla had violently attacked us etc TWICE in parliament square in 2007.

babs tucker

brian haws parliament square peace campaign,
parliament square,

cc marcia & cyrillia.


 They illegally closed the High Court courtroom to the public (and ‘journalists’) on June 23rd 2010, to scratch their heads over how to legally duck and dive to gloss over my leaving a written legal paper trail of what was really going on, that dropped the judge and the lawyers in it.

 All those involved continued to do truly terrible things, but they never really came up with an effective ‘solution’ as the evidence of my still outstanding –counterclaim- proves.




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