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Barack Obama (the fake Nobel Peace Prize which has assets the greatest number of wars than any previous American president has ever had), have apparently begun a war against Daesh-ISIL(ISIS), but in reality the primary target of this military operation is to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad, while the final target is to defeat Iran and Russia.

The Wall Street Journal recently published the statements of two influential and determinants politicians for American policy, both domestic and foreign, Arizona Sen. John McCain and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, both heavily involved and interested in the American military industry.

“Mr. Assad all but created Islamic State through his slaughter of nearly 200,000 Syrians, and he has knowingly allowed the group to grow and operate with impunity inside the country when it suits his purposes. Until we confront this reality, we can continue to degrade Islamic State in Syria, but Mr. Assad’s barbarism will continue to empower it”, The Wall Street Journal wrote.

McCain and Graham said that arm and train 5,000 armed men (mercenaries-contractors) to fight against Daesh-ISIL is not enough, while in the mean time they under airstrikes from Bashar al-Assad’s government army, the Syrian National Armed Forces.

McCain and Graham said also that moderate terrorist groups in Syria (because they are not ‘fighters’, but terrorists,: FSA/al-Nusra/Daesh-ISIL are all involved in bombardments and terrorist acts against civilians from many years already, with thousands of Syrian victims and martyrs),  cannot take advantage of American airstrikes if the U.S. army is not coordinating with them.


“Our efforts to build up a viable Free Syrian Army to liberate Syria from the evils of the Islamic State and Mr. Assad will surely fail if the Syrian ruler is not dealt with. To expect Mr. Assad to sit on the sidelines as the Free Syrian Army gains capacity would be a colossal mistake and doom efforts to stop Syria from sinking further into the abyss,” McCain and Graham said on ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

“Integrate military advisers on the ground to assist local forces. The strategy was key to the success America had in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in instances when we excluded them, we failed in our combat objectives. In addition, U.S. forces on the ground are essential to making sure the airstrikes are effective. It requires direction from the ground to identify targets, direct air power effectively, and avoid collateral damage, challenges that cannot be met solely from the air”, McCain and Graham said on ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

“Key regional partners realize that we must confront Mr. Assad as well as Islamic State, and they are willing to join America in doing so,” McCain and Graham said on ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

“The reality is that defeating Islamic State also requires defeating Bashar Assad. Avoiding this reality, as Mr. Obama still tries to do, will only postpone the problem at growing risk to Syrian lives and American security. And when Syria deteriorates further, as it surely will, the U.S. will be compelled to respond once again, but our options will be fewer, worse and costlier,” McCain and Graham concluded.

This is the truth and the reality: the war against Daesh-ISIL is just smoke and mirrors, because the real war USA and allies are doing is against Syria sovereignty, Iran and Russia (and Eurasia).



By Syrian Patriot
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