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The Israeli occupation continued providing support to the armed mercenary gangs and terrorist organizations fighting in Syria through admitting their injured killers to its hospitals and offering them medical treatments.

Two wounded jihadist mercenaries last Sunday were submitted to Nahariya Hospital, in Galilee, which has offered treatment to about 400 terrorists until now, according to ‘with no shame’ Israeli mass media.


‘Israeli Walla website’ said that yesterday two injured terrorists were hospitalized to Nahariya Hospital in Galilee, one in a critical condition.

The Israeli forces admitted hundreds of terrorists to the Israeli hospitals to be treated , which proves the Israeli complete support to the terrorists and their leaders in Syria.

Israel is a real terrorist organization, and because its support with weapons and treatments to the terrorist gangs, the Zionist colonial entity should be considered at the top of the criminal terrorist organizations, the mother of all the international terrorist gangs, to be prosecuted by the international law. But because the so called ‘international law’ is in the hands of Israel’s best puppet, the USA administration, Israel can continue its criminal behaviour


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