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Daash-ISIL mercenaries are selling Syrian-Iraqi kids and women, as well as people wounded or arrested (used for trade of human organs), to the Israeli mafia


“Sale of children and women to organize a financing Daash”, the British newspaper “The Times” revealed, but Arabic sites revealed what is more dangerous than that, where it said that Daash-ISIL jihadist mercenaries are selling children kidnaped from Iraq and Syria to Israel.

“Daash sells kidnaped children from Iraq and Syria to Israel,” Arabic sites revealed, adding that the organization’s crime of trafficking in human beings is in coordination with Israeli intermediaries, linked to the  international Jewish mafia, who buy babies and sell them to the families, specially inside Israel, who cannot have kids.

The sale of children is taking place in Syria, and after a local agreement with “moderate” terroristic elements, the organization that kidnaped the children deliver them from Syria to Turkey, where the kids are handed over to mediators of Tel Aviv, members of the Jews mafia in Israel.

This is one of the very lucrative business made by the terrorist gangs in Syria, according to sources, helped by an Israeli lawyer in Tel Aviv.

The British newspaper “The Times” revealed that the Daash-ISIL market of human trafficking is between the tel-Aviv/Jerusalem area and the Iraqi city of Mosul, where the selling of children and women represent a source of income and funding for its mercenaries.

According to the same newspaper, the last market-auction was held in the city of Raqqa, and not only in Mosul, and both the kidnaped sold, children and women, is from the Yazidi communities and others Christian minorities.

The British newspaper revealed also that the price of one-child can be up to ten thousand dollars, while the women are cheaply, to encourage the jihadist mercenaries to buy them and to fight sexually satisfied, choosing the most beautiful women for better price.

A Report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations confirmed that more than 25 thousand women and children are imprisoned and sexually abused and sold as slaves to Daash-ISIL jihadist mercenary terrorists.

According to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, besides this human trafficking, Daash-ISIL mercenaries are cooperating with Jewish-mafia elements involved in trade of human organs, selling them the bodies of the people wounded or arrested.

It is also reported that the large number of killings by the terrorist gangs in Syria have led to a decline in the price of the corpses from 20 thousand dollars to less than 10 thousand each.


SOURCES: The Times (Eng), Almayadeen (Arabic)

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