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Ein al-Arab city northeast of Aleppo

People of Ein al-Arab continue to defend their city against Daesh-ISIS terrorists

The people of Ein al-Arab city northeast of Aleppo continue to repel the terrorist of ISIS, with local sources saying that locals managed to carry out special operations including infiltration ops in the east of the city to eliminate ISIS members and return to their bases.

The sources said that the city’s northwestern front is the most volatile currently, affirming that ISIS terrorist haven’t managed to advance towards the center of the town and are still positioned east of it.

Media sources said that locals managed to repel a massive ISIS attack which the terrorists had waged from the city’s southern side at midnight in a bid to reach the city center, saying that the attack and the ensuing clashes lasted around an hour and a half.

The sources said that violent battles took place between ISIS terrorists and locals at the Murshed Binar border crossing with Turkey, amidst talks about air strikes by the international alliance halting the advance of ISIS in several areas.


Syrian Arab Army eliminates foreign mercenaries across country

Army units on Saturday targeted terrorist gatherings and hideouts in many areas across the country, killing a number of terrorists and wounding others.

In Damascus Countryside, the army established control of a number of building blocks in the northern side of Jobar area, eliminating a number of terrorists including Abdelaziz al-Bittar and Saeed Oyoun, while other army units continued destroyed terrorist hideouts in the town of Ein Tarma after establishing control of Ein Tarma valley.

Other units clashed with terrorists in al-Rihan farms and Tal Kurdi northeast of Douma, killing several terrorists including Ala’a al-Darra, Khaled Kalout, and Mohammad Kanous, and injuring others.

In the Eastern Ghouta, army units carried out concentrated operations targeting terrorist concentrations and hideouts in the farms of al-Qasimiye and al-Zamaniye towns in al-Nashabiye area, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

Other units continued pursuing terrorists in al-Qalamoun mountains, eliminating many of them in the wilderness near al-Jarajir and Assal al-Ward towns and destroying two vehicles along with the terrorists on board outside the town of al-Mashrafeh, in addition to eliminating and injuring terrorists near al-Zamrani passage in the wilderness outside Qara on the Syrian-Lebanese borders.

An army operation resulted in destroying a terrorist hideout along with the terrorists, weapons, and ammo inside it in the town of Deir Maqren in Barada valley area. Among the dead terrorists was Hassoun Fakhreddin.

Clashes between an army unit and terrorists in al-Jamiyat neighborhood and the surroundings of Sayyeda Sukaina Shrine in the town of Daraya resulted in the death of a number of terrorists.

Army units killed Saturday a number of terrorists and injured others in the village of al-Mushrfeh, and in al-Taibeh in al-Hula and in Talbiseh in Homs countryside, according to a military source.

Army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts  in Kaferlata, Mantif, Qaminas, Tal Mins, Jarjanas, Saraqeb, surrounding al-Arba’in Mountain, and Huloz in Idleb countryside, killing and wounding a number of them.

An army unit eliminated terrorists who attempted to infiltrate the surroundings of al-Arbaiyeen Mountain in Idleb countryside, destroying a pickup truck equipped with a heavy machinegun which the terrorists had been using.

Army units killed and wounded a number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in the towns of Jasem and al-Harrah and on the road to the west of Etman town in Daraa countryside.

Army units also eliminated a number of terrorists and injured others while targeting their concentrations in Tal al-Hara and destroyed a car along with the terrorists inside it in al-Lajat area in.

Other units destroyed a terrorist hideout south west of Khirbet Ghazaleh bridge, leaving several terrorists dead or injured, while another unit targeted terrorists concentrations northwest of the town of Atman, killing a number of terrorists and injuring others.



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