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In case anyone is curious what fuels a good portion of the greed in the world? Wonder no more. Oil is HUGE business, and Chervon is one of the companies at the heart of the operation. It operates in many countries giving no rest to their rigs.



World Map of Nations from 2006

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has released its report of Chevrons activities, future plans, finances etc.

The report is quite interesting for those who wish to read it.
It comes complete with pictures, graphs, charts and numbers.


For instance, in this picture, it is explained in the report,
“In November 2013, Chevron signed a PSC with the government of Ukraine for a 50 percent interest in and operatorship of the 1.6 million acre Oleska Shale block in western Ukraine. As of early 2014, the Joint Operating Agreement terms were being negotiated.”

Another report
“USAID Ukraine Shale Gas: Volume 1: Environmental and Regulatory Assessment”
can be read here:


If anyone is interested, I found these articles very interesting




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