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~ A Report by Moahamad Ali, PressTV journalist ~

Jobar (Jawbar), scene of a years-long confrontation, remains drowning into rubble.
In the district, located near Damascus, not all battles happen on the ground.
The war is taking place in an uncommon place: underground.

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There is an entire different battle that takes place underground in various battle zones across the country here in Syria.

In Jobar takfirist mercenaries have dug tens of tunnels to hide and transport their weapons without the Syrian army noticing.

Through the tunnels, terrorist armed gangs also try to reach Syrian Arab Army locations.

But the tunnels are made not only for moving on foot.

Foreign mercenaries made them so large their vehicles can easily move freely across the area.

Some stretches tens of meters and connect neighborhoods together.

Another difference between the tunnels in Jobar than other areas in Syria lies also in the volume.

Each tunnel splits inside to a network of passages.

Many buildings collapsed as tunnels weaken them from beneath.

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A tunnel is created underneath Tibah mosque in Jobar which was a strong base used by mercenary gangs to launch attacks.

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A Syrian Arab Army commander said that there are new tactics used for facing such challenges.

The extent of terrorists’ effort here proves they are striving to maintain ground in the face of Syrian army strikes.

Indeed the district is strategic for both sides.

For the jihadist mercenaries, it is considered a gateway into Damascus while Syrian Arab National Forces regard it an access point into foreign mercenaries held areas in Eastern al-Ghouta.



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